Rep. Trisha Bonoan-David withdraws HB 6195

Solon drops measure after drawing flak from OFWs

Manila Rep. Trisha Bonoan-David (4th distrct) is now rescinding her initial sponsorship of House Bill 6195, which would have amended parts of the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Protection Act of 1995. Rep. Bonoan-David’s camp sent to The Filipino Scribe a copy of the lady solon’s official announcement Friday afternoon.

Dated June 18 and addressed to House Majority Leader (and chair of the Committee on Rules) Neptali Gonzales, Jr., Bonoan-David said she is withdrawing sponsorship as principal author of HB 6195 “after some careful consideration on (its) provisions.” Curiously, a copy of the said bill is not uploaded in Bonoan-David’s page in the House of Representatives website.

trisha bonoan david HB 6195
Rep. Trisha Bonoan-David has officially withdrawn her sponsorship of House Bill 6185 (click to enlarge)

Filed last May 17, HB 6195 will require departing overseas Filipino workers to pay US$50 as contribution to the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration emergency repatriation fund. The Manila solon said her bill “intends to provide the necessary measures for the government to carry out its responsibility to assist distressed OFWs in cases of war, epidemic, disaster or calamities, natural or man-made, and other similar events, and promote their general welfare.”

The bill has received a firestorm of criticism in the social media, led by migrant workers’ rights advocate Susan Ople and other organization of overseas Filipino workers. In her blog, Ople described HB 6195 “bereft of logic” and “inimical to the welfare and rights of our OFWs.” The 2010 senatorial candidate added: “(The bill) touches a sensitive nerve because of its gross insensitivity to the heavily burdened life of an OFW.”

trisha bonoan david congress
Manila Rep. Trisha Bonoan-David is now in her second term in Congress.

Bonoan-David is currently serving her second term in Congress. She has not indicated if she will seek reelection in next year’s midterm polls or if she will instead run for a higher post in Manila.

PS: Ms Susan Ople has mentioned this post in her latest blog entry.



Mark Pere Madrona

The Filipino Scribe (TFS) is managed by Mark Pere Madrona, a multi-awarded writer and licensed professional teacher from the Philippines. Mr. Madrona earned his master’s degree in history from the University of the Philippines-Diliman last 2020. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in journalism cum laude from the same university back in 2010. His area of interests includes Philippine journalism, history, and politics as well as social media. Know more about him here:

49 thoughts on “Rep. Trisha Bonoan-David withdraws HB 6195

  1. This Bill 6195 just demonstrated how incensitive and detached she is from the common Filipino people especially the OFW who are mostly doing it tough overseas!!!
    We should campaign against her re-election… seriously!!!

    1. Did you even read the whole article? I know cong trisha bonoan-david. she does what she think is right

      1. for my 16 years working abroad…. just to visit my family back home every six month or 1 year.. i have to get oec, force registration to pag ibig… owwa membership whewww!! pag labas mo ng airport may dala ka 40″ TV someone will tell you mag pameryenda ka naman yun nga may dala 32″ TV nag aabot eh… and now another 50$??? damn it!! if you go to the south paglabas mo airport you have to spend more than 500 pesos sa express way that your vehicle will run only 80kph kasi traffic…. where the place you are working is… you can run 120kph for one hour without paying any toll fee sa makinis na highway ng Qatar…. wala na bang maisip na pagkakakitaan yang congresista na yan??? kung sabagay sa mall dyan sa manila specially sa isitan… you have to pay 5pesos para lang maka jingle!! common!! panukala din ba nya yan??

  2. Right? OFW ka bah? what are you talking about Freya? We’re talking about millions of Filipino working in abroad. $50, each Filipino paying more then 1 thousand pesos for OEC before going out. dog,bayaran ka bah?

    1. And that’s close to 11million Overseas filipinos! Correct me if i’m wrong. 50$ freakin dollars? Let her try working here and paynthat amount. we already dont get hardship pay and we have to be forced to get that stupid OEC certificate everytime we see our families. For what? And the system is so inconvenient no improvement for the past 15years i’ve been working abroad!!! Did Rep. Think right? Good thing she retracted this. All they see is us as milking cows for the government so they can have a nice life back home. She should think again before putting any bill.

    2. ako bayaraan!? kaya nga ni winidraw right? DO YOU EVEN READ!? She helps everyone in sampaloc. palibhasa wala ka namang alam eh, you don’t live there and you don’t know her

      1. thanks freya. we appreciate to hear good things about her deeds…but that is not the issue, her character does not support any form of claim for another forceable remittance from the OFW, cuz its not alone from sampaloc or makati where OFWs come from…in the corporate need analysis…yours is a foregone ambition…and at least keep your mind awake…not all the times are good for anyone of us…no OFW is happy of any of the programs…you get it???

  3. Yes Freya..i read the bill itself and its history…and i understood what it said…its another burden to all OFWs & OCWs with all those imaginary programs to be is rather percieved as a money-generating scheme to milk the OFWs & OCWs…you thimk this is right?? or she does what she think is right…and she did…to rescind her stand is the thing that is right!!

  4. you’re proposed bill is such a nightmare to every OFW.,you’re so insensitive!!,dapat sana pababaan pa yong binabayad namin sa OWWA tuwing uuwi sa Pinas..bakit?pinupulot lang ba namin ang pera sa kalsada?,hirap,pagod,luha ang puhunan namin, tapos ipapakain lang namin sa mga walang pusong pulitiko ang pera namin?,bakit?,sino ba ang nakikinabang sa pera ng mga OFW, ha?..

  5. nong bumaha sa Thaiand last year (October 2012), meron bang tulong ang OWWA sa mga OFW na apektado?,wala!!,hirap na hirap ang lahat sa kalilipat kung saan-saang lugar na hindi maabot ng agos ng tubig.halos wala nang makakain. mas mabuti pa yong mga NGO’s may naitulong pa.

    meron bang tauhan mula sa kinauukulan ng OWWA na nagmomonitor sa kalagayan ng mga manggagawang pinoy?kahit ni isang sentimo walang naibigay na financial aid para sa mga pinoy OFW’s., at ngayon!,heto!,dadagdagan pa ang babayaran sa OWWA?,,mahiya naman kayo! sarili nyo lang ang iniisip ninyo..baka nananaginip ka lang madam trisha bonoan-david..Hoy! Gising!

  6. Trisha,
    I’m so saddened with your ignorance and insensitivity when it comes to the welfare, protection and whatelse forth could be beneficial and can make OFWs happy, proud and inspired. You are proposing a bill that you have no enough knowledge about. You are such a one-sided thinker not taking into consideration its effect to the other party involved. You only though of what business you can make out of it and what could only benefit you alone. You are about to commit a crime against OFWs around the world and to our family. You don’t deserve to serve us as a public servant. Peace of advice better be a simple housewife serving your family than serve as all. Better get out of public service since you don’t deserve to be in this business.

  7. This shows how selfish we Filipinos are. We only want what our Country can do for me, and not what you can do for your Country and Countrymen. Have an open mind. She did this to help each OFWs not themselves. The logic is correct. This is to help all OFWs that are in dire need of our Government interaction. Those that are wrongfully accused, being held and as well as emergency. She had drafted this, in light of what had happened and still happening in the Middle-East. Our Country is broke, and in a natural or human-inflicted disaster, our Government should be able to act right away. With this bill, the funds that it will accumulate will be useful for immediate extraction. Our OFW in Libya, remember them it took us awhile to get them all back. If we have this, rule or funds our Government, would not have to wait for other Countries help or welfare to handle our OFW. For those who says, this is just a way to make money and those in position will just pocket it, this is an insurance to protect you, OFWs.

    Plus $50 is not that much guys! How many burgers can you buy with that? Save those10 burgers and your even.

    Ask not what you country can do for you, but ask yourself what can you do for your country.

    1. while the logic is true, its the manner the suppose solution is being represented by another bill by her honor. Why should another $50 be mandatory from OFWs? there is no shortage of funds as made the reason aside from what is adversely happening in other countries affecting our OFWs…what she should have done is to propose a bill for transpsrency on how the funds have been utilised that now is depleted. With thousands of ofws paying millions everyday programs funded are not even viable enough to justify expenses. Now could you blame us should we create opposition to her proposals? there are disturbing news of malversations with the funds
      that is why we
      abhorently dislike some policies. We can give
      the amount but mind you we do not feel good at all for as long as bills are fund generating making us their reasons and milking cows

    2. Oh really? And i suppose it sounds so nice as an emergency fund for OFW’s. It is the government’s problem where to allocatenthe budget formthose disasters. Our country is broke because of over population, no jobs, corruption, too muhc politics in every business deal, etc etc..not because we cant afoord to pay 50$ which i’m not selfish to offer but i never know where my OEC payment goes to…for what? Did i beneift anything out ofmit? That Rep. Should study more aboutnher bill. 50$ to an OFW is already something. What burgers are you talking about man? We have already given so much for our country being here abroad and sending money. The remittances alone contributes a lot to the GDP of our country… Oh please! Spare me the sympathies for this woman!


    1. Thank you for the wise critique. Me & my neohgbiur were preparing to do some research about that. We received a beneficial book on that matter from our local library and most books exactly where not as influensive as your facts. I’m quite glad to see such info which I was searching for a long time.

  9. mga negatiBOBO….pgbigyan, kahit dyos kaya kayong patawarin kahit nag kasala kayo, pagmagsalita kayo kala nyo mas magaling kayong tao….nabawi n ang bill, di nyo kilala ang tao, kung di kayo taga 4th district, pano kayo BOBOto? just saying….

    1. kilala mo pala sya….tingnan mo kung ano sya ngayon…and look again kung sakali sa darating na botohan…kakandidato pa sya…babantayan yan bro…sayang nga marangal naman ang pakay nya…nahaluan lang ng politika…malayong pagbigyan ang sa gusto nyang mangyari, tulad mo…laban sa mas nakakaraming sabi mo BOBO…just saying…

      1. kung ano sha ngayon is the same as the first day and more….only thing u can do now is watch….as near as you can please ….and bring your friends….2013 here we come….me anak b si bacani?…just saying….

    2. well She wrote the bill for all OFW’s so she should be responsible for it! If she only represents 4th district why create something that will affect millions of migrant Filipino workers? Hmmm? She should have thought about it first and consulted all of us… Anyhow the topic is closed. Peace.




    Please be informed that Representative Trisha Bonoan assures there will be no increase on the Overseas Filipino Workers’ (OFWs) OWWA contribution and that House Bill 6195 has been killed in Congress. Representative Trisha Bonoan-David has ordered to stop its progress and HB 6195 will no longer be calendared for deliberation in Congress.


    A month ago Representative Trisha Bonoan drafted a bill urging OWWA to allocate a big chunk of its funds for the college scholarship of children of OFWs. The Bill (HB 6195) was made with the purest intentions of providing equal rights and benefits in terms of scholarship grants to both current and former OFWs since they have both contributed to said funds. Presently, only a handful of currently employed OFWs are allowed to become beneficiaries of the scholarship program excluding former OFWs. However, Rep. Trisha Bonoan saw that the public is not receptive of the said bill and to give due respect to the public, she decided to kill it and wants to emphasize that it was never her intention to cause any damage or inconvenience to OFWs. Again, we would like to give our full assurance that this bill has already been killed in Congress.


    Meanwhile, in her district, Rep. Trisha Bonoan regularly allocates Php 30 million to her College Scholarship Program for her constituents and she will appropriate an additional Php 30 million this year on college scholarship in her commitment to support the alleviation from poverty through education. For more information, interested applicants for scholarship from her constituents will be open for registration on August 2012. Submit your application at room 404 of the Manila City Hall and look for these contact persons: Ms. Ara, Ms. Eloisa and/or Ms. Norie every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1pm to 4pm.


  11. sa mga hinde marunong o nag mamarunong ng ingles, meron din tagalog version…..Ipinababatid at Tinitiyak ni Congresswoman Trisha Bonoan na walang magaganap na dagdag singil sa OWWA contribution ng mga Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). Ganap ding kinitil ang paghahain ng House bill 6195 at sinisigurong ito ay hindi na maisasalang at matatalakay pa sa Kongreso.


    Matatandaan na noong nakaraang buwan ay naghain ng isang mungkahing Kautusan si Congresswoman Trisha Bonoan na pipiga ng malaking alokasyon sa pondo ng OWWA para sa college scholarship ng mga kasalukuyang OFWs at maging sa mga dating OFWs. Ang mungkahing kautusan na ito ay nalikha ng mambabatas sa pagnanais nitong mabiyayaan ng pantay na karapatan at benepisyo ang kasalukuyan at dati ng OFWs ng karampatang scholarship grant sa kadahilanang kapwa sila nakapag ambag ng kanilang kontribusyon sa pondong ito. Kailanman ay di ninais ng Kongresista na makasakit o makapaminsala sa mamamayan laluna sa mga OFWs. Sanhi ng  samu’t saring pagpapahayag ng di pag sang-ayon ng publiko sa nasabing mungkahing kautusan kung kaya’t bilang paggalang sa kagustuhan ng publiko, si Congresswoman Trisha Bonoan ay nagpasyang kitlin na lamang ito (HB 6195) at nang hindi na matalakay pa sa Kongreso.


    Samantala, si Congresswoman Trisha Bonoan ay regular na nagpapamahagi ng Php 30 milyong pondo para sa Scholarship Program ng mga Kabataan sa kanyang distrito. Sa taong kasalukuyan ay dadagdagan pa ito ng Kongresista ng panibagong Php 30 milyong pondo at ito ay upang mas ibayo pa niyang maipalaganap ang kanyang adhikain at layuning makatulong sa kanyang nasasakupan na maiahon ang mga ito sa kahirapan sa pamamagitan ng edukasyon sa ilalim ng college scholarship program. Para sa karagdagang inpormasyon, ang mga interesadong aplikante para sa scholarship program ay maaaring mag parehistro sa room 440 ng Munisipyo ng Lungsod ng Maynila tuwing araw ng Lunes, Miyerkules at Biyernes sa pagitan ng ika-1 hanggang ika-4 ng hapon. Hanapin lamang ang mga taong sumusunod: Ms. Ara, Ms. Eloisa at/o si  Ms. Norie.



    Maraming Salamat at Patnubayan tayo ng Poong Maykapal!







    Anna Feliciano

    Chief of Staff

    Tanggapan ni Rep. Trisha Bonoan

  12. wow, great undertakings but from where she will get 30million for her district? just thinking how and the bill’s relevance. ..that explains why the OFW…

    1. and you will always wonder…..pasalamat k nalang kung meronmkang kamag anak sa 4 th district….move in or move out….definitely out…..

      1. tama ka, pero hindi nga ganun ang systema na para makamit mo ang kanyang programa, kailangang magmove ka sa district nya???No way, hindi lang naman yan ang lugar ng OFW…30million? paano kikitain yan, di ba sa OFW by means ng mapanlinlang na systema…Ang dapat nyang pag-aralan pa ay ang tungkol sa Pag-ibig fund…tho assumed as mandatory, meron pang kailangan linawin dyan para sa OFW..siguro, makakabawi sya kung sakali at maitama nya ang tungkol dyan sa Pag-ibig Fund…

        Meanwhile, wag ka nang mangarap sa scholarship nya, kasi kung meron man ilan lang ang nabiyayaan, sa district lang nya..maging praktikal ka, para hindi ka nahuhuli sa statistics….salamat kaibigan…

  13. lets just hope that later on we all get along, if you all believe in god, then let him do all the talking and do all the action….we all have our own opinions, and you want change, start with the man in the mirror….just like what mj says….we cant tell the future but wish us all the best….peace….

  14. Good thing the bill has been “killed”. I think if she wants to help the OFW she should do a fact searching on what we really need and how to appropriate that huge chunk of budget that we pay as “OEC ” evrytime we return back. None of the other expats from other countries that I work and live here with have this so called certificate or exit papers needed. Maybe she can look at how to make it easy and convenient to get this certificate and use that budget to make it online. It is such a hassle going to OWWA and the offices are not that great too! I am sure she is a well respected lady and should strive more to organize and help how to streamline POEA/OWWA and its polices rather than just making a bill that does’nt even get passed. Wish her all the best with a better law to protect us and help us OFW’s!

  15. Rep. David is one of the most epal manila,her pictures are everywhere, i wonder who funded those? Taxpayers money should not be used as payment to advertise the face of politicians, For your information Pogi it is the duty of the state to provide the necessary contingency fund for emergencies regarding OFWs, and if you have forgot, OWWA funds have been used in other projects not related to OFWs by the govenrnment. Have they shown any transparency about OWWA funds? hell no.

  16. Kung masama talaga siyang tao, sana itinuloy niya na yung bill, but she didn’t withdraw the bill. ano pa bang gusto niyo!? and di naman siya nagbabayad sa tarpaulin yung kapatid niya ang may gawa nun kasi may printing business yung kapatid niya. AND SHE’S A WAY BETTER CONGRESSWOMAN THAN THE CONGRESSMAN BEFORE HER TERM

  17. Kung masama talaga siyang tao, sana itinuloy niya na yung bill, but she didn’t, she withdraw the bill. ano pa bang gusto niyo!? and di naman siya nagbabayad sa tarpaulin yung kapatid niya ang may gawa nun kasi may printing business yung kapatid niya. AND SHE’S A WAY BETTER CONGRESSWOMAN THAN THE CONGRESSMAN BEFORE HER

  18. Because of HB 6195, Cong. Theresa Bonoan-David has been marked. Perhaps, being a member of the house of the representative will be the highest position the she will have. Do not attempt to run as a senator, surely she will not make it. If she did what she think was right. better to think again. 30 million times.

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