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Noynoy Aquino vs Noli de Castro – Ex VP’s daughter reacts

President Benigno Aquino III slammed (or scolded, as ABS-CBN put it) former Vice President (VP) and current TV Patrol news anchor during the said program’s 25th anniversary party last Friday night. Aquino, who did not mention De Castro by name during his tirade, recounted instances when the former VP made negative commentaries against certain government initiatives during the newscast. The full text of Aquino’s remarks is now posted in the government website.

Echoing his predecessor’s frequent attacks on the media, Aquino said: “Ang pagkiling sa negatibismo ay mag-aatras lamang sa dapat sana’y pag-usad na ng ating bayan at mga kapwa Pilipino” (Leaning on negativism will only push back the impending progress of our nation).

Aquino then sought to rationalize his actuations that night before closing his speech: “Muli, at ako po’y pagpasensyahan ninyo kung masyadong prangka (na) nagsalita ngayong gabi. Maganda na ho siguro ‘yung totoo ang sabihin para magkaunawan tayo nang maliwanang” (Please pardon my excessive frankness tonight. I believe it’s better for us to tell the truth for us to understand each other better).”

De Castro did not make any public comments about Aquino’s pointed remarks against him, but his daughter Kat reacted via Facebook. The TV host wrote: “Kapag inimbita ka sa tahanan ng isang tao, huwag mong titirahin.” Paraphrasing a famous quote by former US president Harry Truman, the younger De Castro later added: “If you can’t take the heat, get out! I will always be my father’s daughter.”

Kat De Castro reacts to Noynoy Aquino’s criticism of his dad Noli (click image to enlarge)

Here are some observations of this writer:

1. Aquino is fond of using formal occasions to bash people he does not like in their presence (remember Renato Corona?). What’s more troubling is that the nature of these events makes it impossible for the individuals he is attacking to react. There is nothing wrong with being frank, but this should be done at the right time and place. Mr. Aquino, have you left no sense of decency?

2. Nevertheless, this brouhaha once again brings into the surface two questions regarding TV Patrol. First, is it ethical for ABS-CBN to let De Castro resume his anchoring duties in the program just four months after his term as vice president ended? Second, is it right for “Kabayan” to make side comments during the newscast itself? The short answer to these questions – NO.

NOTE: Shortly before stepping down from the vice presidency in June 2010, De Castro revealed that he was offered a position in the Aquino cabinet. He declined the offer, and no one from the Aquino camp denied De Castro’s claim.

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140 thoughts on “Noynoy Aquino vs Noli de Castro – Ex VP’s daughter reacts”

  1. Thelma Carpenter says:

    Sometime we can say that he deservedt o be lambasted, but of course,it shouldbe in the right time and right forum, not at that Anniversary party of the host. Anyway, in my opinion,I never heared Decastro comment against Aquino,the reason why I decided to block him in my mind. He immediately work in ABS-CBN,which i really considered it unethical. He even anchored during the impeachment of Chief Justce Corona, which I found it distasteful.

    1. mariahevans says:

      You know what makes TV Patrol interesting? Cause they go outside the box of the usual broadcasting…it’s also nice to hear what those newscaster are thinking and won’t just see blank faces. As of to the President, it’s a childlike behavior, hello? bat ka pikon? Kesa magalit, aba ituon mo pancn mo kung panu mo babaguhin ung mga negative comments na naririnig mo.

      1. underclass says:

        And this is what makes TV Patrol a biased, commentary-based news show. The daily news should be reported as-is; no side comments, no opinions from the anchors. Point-blank straightforward news.

      2. Mar says:

        Oh yeah. enough for Noli being a blank faced VP. now he makes TV patrol interesting enough for the comments he makes!!! It was best for him to be hit in the face by the president. Now MEDIA tell the president he doesn’t have that freedom of speech and that he is unethical, as if you are! 😛 Good job Mr. President!

      3. Anonymous says:

        just open your eyes pnoy is trying to help filipino de castro wants him down we know de cash-tro always run for money he is one of the corrupt and bad attitude vp we ever had so stop bullshitting your self just help him conquer corrupt politician and media

      4. Mba says:

        If you are a newscaster you bring the news period. If you are a commentator then go ahead and comment whatever you want. Noli is a newscaster. He is not a commentator. If he comments on something, make sure it’s his show and not put it in the news. Di ko alam Sino mas tanga, ang nagkokoment sa news program or the one who thinks what he is doing is right. Ms mariahevans, pls differentiate between the 2. I guess you are the type who wants to see “comments” rather than news. I suggest go watch some teleserye if u want more than the news. Me, I just the news. What noli is doing is uncalled for. If he was in the states hell be out of business in no time. Pinoy nga naman.

    2. Eduard says:

      What happened to our ethical standard?.. Sadly our president doesn’t display good manners. Not even near to the shadow of his parents… Sad.. tsktsktsk

      1. Anonymous says:

        I agree, sorry guys we have a president na magaling mangbintang – at mag lihis ng mga issues.

  2. Anonymous says:

    news is a news…..side comments d dapat yan

    1. markpere2010 says:

      I agree with you.

    2. Anonymous says:

      bakla talaga ang presidente!

      1. Mba says:

        Funny when someone comments that pnoy is bakla. If he is so what? I don’t care what he is. As long as he is doing his job I’m fine with it. We do not need a macho president. We need a president who does his job right.

      2. Clar says:

        bakla does not make any difference. ang pangyayari tapos na. sa sunod gumawa ng matibay na ecauation center kung hindi kurakutin ang pera.

  3. Cesar M. Evangelista says:

    Noy stop the Grandstanding style. You are a President now and no longer need to make yourself validated by sniping other people;s character flaws. Your job now is to keep the Filipino people proud, united and economically alleviated of their sufferings. Your style doesn’t help in all those 3 important jobs you need to do.. Dividing your people by antagonizing someone’s opinion is not your job!

    1. Anonymous says:

      korak!! bading na bading tuloy ang dating nya ngggggak!

      1. markpere2010 says:

        Iwasan po sana natin ang name-calling lalo na kung mas stereotyping na kasama. Salamat po.

      2. Anonymous says:

        I agree also, mukhang makapal na ang mga mukha ng mga Aquino, dahil ba sa kasikatan nila sa ngayon, bat walang na publish na comment ng mga jornalist regarding this, takot ba sila kay Pnoy mukhang bumabalik tayo sa Martila Law.

  4. Juan Rivea says:

    de Castro deserves what he got from Pnoy. If you criticize someone you should be prepared to take the criticism yourself. The occasion was the opportune time since it gives the Pres. proper attention to get his message across. Any other time will have no impact on what he wants media to understand.

    1. dokie says:

      atupid answer…. he is the pres.. he should observe some decency… and take those constructive criticism… de castro is no longer a politician…. he is not holding any govt position and he is a mediaman.. kaya meron xa right to make constructive criticism against the president…mr aquino be professional…ngmumukha k ng barbaric sa pinaggagawa mo…yan b tinuro ng magulong mo…respeto nman…wala k nun….

      1. markpere2010 says:

        I disagree in the statement that De Castro made a constructive criticism, pero nevertheless, Aquino is still wrong in what he did.

      2. Anonymous says:

        alot more stupid reply. he is a mediaman so many people watch him, he should be professional as well. does a president has a lesser right to criticize somebody? does a mediaman need not observe decency and professionalism? drink your own medicine i say! 🙂

      3. Anonymous says:

        korak ang sinasabi mo!

      4. fuckyou says:

        seriously?? hahahahaha

      5. Anonymous says:

        kung bakla ang Presidente at papipiliin kita ano ba ang gusto mong presidente, mamatay tao, sugarol at babaero or presidente na may asawa katulong na magnakaw ng kaban ng bayan . . . minsan tayong mga pinoy hindi natin alam kung ano ba talaga. Masyadong nagmamagaling, masyadong naghahanap ng perpektong Presidente aba walang perpekto lalo na sa panhong ganito na ang mga dinatnan mo ay punong puno ng problema at mga kawalanghiyaan. Taman naman ang sabi nya wala na lang tayong nakita kundi mga negative ni minsan wala man lang nagpasalamat sa kung anong meron ang bansa natin ngayon, kaya dapat kung sino ang mga walang kasalanan at ginagawang kabulastugan sya na lang ang unang magpukol ng bato. Maging masaya naman tayo minsan sa kahit konting tinatamasa natin. Tigilan na lang muna natin ang magpuna at manira ng kapwa. Ang mundo nagagalit na, ang sinisisi pa rin ang presidente> Sa lahat na kaaway ang mahirap kalabanin ay ang kalikasan…My God , MY GOD …help us!

    2. fuck you says:

      Fuck you

  5. Anonymous says:


    1. Fe Alburo says:

      a message to Pnoy;” If you don,t want to be stoned, don’t live in a glasshouse”.

      1. Edward Ramos says:

        eto pa: Hoy Pnoy, if you want a place in the sun, you have to expect some blisters, bugok!

    2. Anonymous says:

      much “worst” is your grammar.

      1. Clar says:

        mga pinoy na gaya mo pino personal ang pagbigay ng, ” Share your thoughts”. Hindi naman kailangan ang grammar ditto, ah. Hindi masisi kung karamihan ng pinoy ay ganito kulang tayo ng kaunting manners.

    3. Anonymous says:

      I agree 1 million times

    4. magic says:

      what a comment dear. worst than PGMA? pitty you.

    5. debz leona (@wittydebz21) says:

      hahaha!!!!! that’s all i can say!!!! u shud know better the degree of

    6. fuck you says:


  6. Alterah says:

    grabeh hanggang dito ba naman nag sosona pa din sa Pnoy? napa ka walang Modo naman nya di man lang nya nirespeto ang Event My God. Dahil sa inasal nya mas lalong dumami ang umayaw sa kanya. Gusto kasi nya palaging mabango ang pangalan nya sa Media hindi sya Diyos para masunod lagi ang gusto nya. Puro na lang pag tuligsa ang inaatupag nya sa nag daang Administrasyon bakit hindi na lang nya ayusin ang kanyang trabaho nang walang reklamo at panunumbat??

    1. Edward Ramos says:

      Hoy Pnoy, presidente ka, at hindi hari! Kaya huwag kang maghari-harian! Tanga!

      1. magic says:

        kaya tayo di umasenso sa mga ugaling ganya eh, pag isipan po natin ang mga sinabi nya, pawang katotohanan lang po, ang pinagtatangol nyo pong si noli de castro ang gusto ay wag tayong umusad ng hindi maicompare sa panahon na nakaupo sya bilang pangalawang pangulo. ano ba nagawa sa bayan ng pinagtatangol nyo? kailan na gumanda ang gabi sa panahon nila ng tita glo nyo?

        1. fuck you says:

          Fuck you

  7. Fe Alburo says:

    thats the only thing he is capable of. blame the past administration in order for him to look good. He benefitted so much of the past administration’s unpopularity. He should be thankful to GMA. if not because of her he won’t get noticed.

    1. markpere2010 says:

      That’s one trait he should stop doing already.

      1. johm fuentes says:

        siraan siraan lang kayo ng siraan

        1. Thelma Carpenter says:

          To FilipinoScribe:Please try to block him,heis wasting our time…

          1. markpere2010 says:

            Hi, Ms Thelma. Just ignore him.

  8. Anonymous says:

    wala naman syang trabaho na ginawa eh,,ano naba ang nagawa nya,,napaka tanga ng presidente natin parang inutil walang alam gawin kundi manisi,,be a man and do your job as a president ayusin mo ang pilipinas hindi ang kung iilan lang at sarili mo lang

    1. aw says:

      kaw sbihin mo nga kung ano naitulong mo na in general?

  9. noli de castrol says:

    finally! he deserves ( de castro) every bit of that a*s whooping, be as it may, it was a blitzkrieg attack on him, it was the opportune time, because there is no other occasion that Pnoy may do so. He should also be investigated tor the controversies that hounded him during his time in as VP (PAG-IBIG fund mess etc,, globe asiatique etc,). He is also the most arrogant, boisterous and annoying news reader there is. Am not a fan of Pnoy btw,

    1. MoonStuff says:

      Really you are not? I think you are a fan….if Pnoy has (even) the slightest decency, he should have called for a press con rather than doing his thing during a momentous celebration. Magkaroon naman sya ng kahit konting sensitivity. Hindi lang sya ang tao dun ( totoong tao nga ba sya?). And besides, Mr. Noli de Castro is not the only media man criticizing him……

      1. fckyou says:

        simple and easy.. tinira ni de castro c pnoy.. without even thinking na na nag in VP xa.. at WALA xang nagawa!! kaya vice versa lang din. kaya that was the right time na naglabas ng galit c pnoy.. para marinig ng lahat ng tao.

      2. Clar says:

        I don’t know what’s going on in Philippine Politics but what I know tumanda na ako na si Aquino lang ang pina ka honest na president sa alam ko. Kaso lang mahirap niyang ma control ang corruption ang natural disaster pa kaya?

  10. Anonymous says:


    1. markpere2010 says:

      Hi there. Is there any pending case right now involving De Castro? I am not defending him (why should I?), but I am not aware of any charges he is facing.

      1. Allan Kalan Floralde says:

        tama na sa tama pero mali pa rin. merong tamang oras at pagkakataon para jan. sana sinagot nya un nung iniinterview sya noon pa ng mga reporters about that. kaso sa mismong anniversary pa. ikaw ba gusto mong ipahiya ka ng nanay mo at sabihin lahat ng kabalbalan mo sa gabi ng debu mo? ung pinakita nya is binastos sya so feeling nya dapat bastosin nya rin. na napaka ugaling kanto. maling mali. ang gobyerno ngayon ay parang palengke, puro batuhan ng sisi. na kulang nlng mag name drop sya.. wala syang namana sa magulang nya. seryoso.

    2. darling says:

      korek, halos everyday ako nanood ng tfc npansin ko rin palagi yung negative comments ni noli b4 mag end ang tv patrol which I think mali wla ako npansin na sinabi nya na mganda minsan grabe sya tumira di mn lng nya din naisip na dati sya VP ng pilipinas na wala din nmn syang ngawa kung tutuusin

      1. magic says:

        big check! ako mula ng bumalik sa tv patrol sa noli de castro na yan di na ko nanuod ng tv patrol. naghahanap kasi ng butas para sirain ang kasalukuyang administrasyon ng di maikumpara sa panahon nya na wala namang ginawa nung sya ay nakaupo.

  11. Anonymous says:

    dapat one on one sila, ndi ung pinaparinig pa sa taong bayan tapos hihingi ng simpatya..

    1. markpere2010 says:

      Oo tama. Yung talagang sapakan. Haha

  12. Bernardo says:

    Right as his comments maybe, noynoy (small caps intended for loss of respect) was downright unpresidential. He has no capacity to be magnanimous or charitable with people. Masyado syang magaspang para sa isang presidente. It’s really not about being frank… We know he is and that he has the best reform agenda, but it’s really just about having the good sense (and common sense) to know when to say things. You’re not in the streets, Mr. President, you work from a palace… We got you there, we want you working there. When you do things like you did at that party, people living off the streets possess more good sense and decency than you. Grow up, utang na loob!

    1. Anonymous says:

      you need common sense as well. if the president said the things he did in the streets, who would have heard him? nobody. the president did it with the greatest impact i could imagine, it served his purpose.

      1. Eduard says:

        Well, sometimes common sense is not very common at all..Yup, agree, it served his purpose. But to burn a whole house to kill a cockroach is stupid.. But yes, the cockroach was killed. It served his purpose. Great..

    2. markpere2010 says:

      From a Facebook contact: “Perhaps prudence would have P-Noy addressing the anchor in a private setting instead of criticizing him out in the open the way he did. Aminin natin, wala namang tao na gustong mapahiya sa harapan ng marami…”

      1. Anonymous says:

        exactly, walang taong gustong mapahiya, perhaps kabayan didn’t know it before, but now he sure do. 🙂 what good would it do talking it over a cup of coffee when the damage has been done? the host already corrupted the minds of his everyday viewers with his bias and negative uncalled for commentaries. what better way could the president address to this than by going directly to the viewers? the same way kabayan did. this is a lesson he must learn, being a mediaman puts him in a good position for people to hear him. therefore it is his responsibility to think what he is about to say.

    3. Edward Ramos says:

      Well, i would like also to be very FRANK with you Mr. President. You are unfit for the post… your indecency and unethical character are reflective of your incompetence.

      1. magic says:

        ano ang problema sa lugar? buksan nyo mga mata nyo kapatid…himayin ang mga sinabi ni noynoy, .

  13. Anonymous says:

    we got whar we deserve

  14. Anonymous says:

    the president should be a person of proper decorum. aquino comes from a family of educated people, yet his boorish attitude shows lack of proper breeding.

    1. markpere2010 says:

      You hit it right on.

  15. Alvin says:

    I am not in any way supportive of TV Patrol and its constant negative format. In my opinion, people tend to be as negative as the show/s they watch. My position though on Pnoy’s comment is this, when GMA was receiving most of the ire of the media, he was riding most of it and egging them to continue. Now that he is the one being attacked, he cries foul!

    Criticising a corrupt official is one thing (Corona), paying attention to petty comments made by Kabayan is another. It shows our president is “petty”, “girly” and most especially “PIKON”. I say this because how can this actually help us progress as a nation? Will his attacks put food in table of the masses? Isn’t that, often times, people who focus on the petty are petty themselves? Isn’t that a president should be the model of not only integrity but also decency, respect and wisdom? Going after every single critic to me is not wisdom. It is actually the opposite of it, which is foolishness.

    I say this to the president who is acting more like the “bossing” than the servant; act your age, act your position and pick the right fights! Being true and frank in your statements mean being consistent. If you are indeed PRANKA and TRUE to your word, how come you kissed the asses of the Chinese during the inauguration of the China funded Angat Dam Project??? ( You even thanked them for it when you know that they are actually raping our shores with their giant fishing boats. Kung PRANKA ka at NAGPAPAKATOTOO KA LANG, PANINDIGAN MO KAHIT MAS MALAKI SAYO KALABAN MO. Or else, you are just another BULLY who pick fights with those who are smaller and weaker than them.

    1. markpere2010 says:

      Alvin, thanks for your lengthy insights. Looks like ABS-CBN is standing by De Castro for now ->

    2. Anonymous says:

      sa totoo lang wala siyang binatbat kay PGMA! atupagin mo nya nga mga problema at tamang pamalakad ng gobyerno ng pilipinas hindi yung mga peity na yan talagang small time lang kaya abutin ng isip nya yun lang yun.

      1. Allan Kalan Floralde says:

        anong infrastracture project ba ang nagawa nya ngayon na sa tingin mo dadaig sa roro at LRT 2 ni GMA?

    3. Edward Ramos says:

      Pnoy is not on GIRLY, he is BAKLA in the real sense of the word. He is hiding behind his presidential power and family’s popularity.

    4. citizenone says:

      i totally agree! I’m never a fan of former PGMA but she never acted like that. There are far more important things to do and to put attention on than prepare a speech to attack a newsman. De Castro may have gone overboard and P-noy’s pride and ego may have been hurt badly but to publicly humiliate the other person and do a character attack are acts of indecency and insensitivity. He of all people should know that.

      1. joy jiaxin says:

        Reminder: I was never a PNOY fan (he was not the president I voted for). Also this post would be quite long I would appreciate you reading it to understand my side.

        I would rather have a frank president but does a lot on his limited 2 year term than a president who acts very educated yet steals more than an uneducated common thief.

        What he mentioned was true, MOST news programs focuses on the negative news than the positive one. To cite an example, the Philippines being a lender than a creditor.

        I’ve already heard that we lend 1 billion dollars to IMF. Upon hearing it I felt a great sense of pride for this great change. Yet instead of delivering the news as it is, they delivered it as a negative one.

        Yes, CHARITY must start at home but the fact is that the money WE lent is a reserve (which means that it CAN’T be used a like a national budget to fight poverty alleviation, boost infrastructure, and the like) and the most we can do is to lend it that way we get to hit 2 birds with one stone, help the EU zone to stabilize the flow of OFW remittance secondly to earn interest from the loan.

        And the fact that they focus on negative news is: IT SELLS MORE!!!

    5. Clar says:

      Kasalanan lahat ng Filipino citizens ito.

  16. Anonymous says:

    napala ng tatay mo..

  17. Anonymous says:

    Masyado kasi magaling si Noli. Ayusin nya muna gusot niya sa GA. Bago siya magsalita dahil sa kanya yumaman si Delfin Lee

    1. Anonymous says:

      Kay Miro Quimbo namayagpag si delfin lee, just for the proper perspective. Check the records, it was congressman quimbo who approved the loans, just before VP de Castro came in,, then quimbo ran for congressman in marikina, nagkaroon na kasi ng funds for his campaign, check the records in pagibig, just be fair.

  18. Gagambahay says:

    Isa lang masasabi ko. Wag kang gagawa ng usok kung ayaw mong magkasunog. Sawa na ko na palabas sa News sa Pinas. Kung hindi Pinatay, namatay, namamatay, pumapatay. Lahat na ng klaseng patayan. Ganun mo ba gustong ipasok sa utak ng mga kabataan ang ibinabalita mo? Sabi nga ni Pnoy dapat balanse lang ang pagbabalita. Wag magha-hambing, wag magkumpara. Kahit sino kaya ikumpara kahit kanino maiinis ka eh. Iwasan na muna dapat yung mga balitang wala ka rin naman magagawang tulong. Puro puna na lang tayo pero ayaw naman natin umaksyon o kumilos. Napakadaming magagaling sa Pinas. magagaling sa tsismis.. Kung nasa UAE lang yan si Kabayan at ganun ang tabas ng bibig nyan, kinabukasan naka-kulong na yan. Suwerte pa tayo dito sa Pinas kahit mga walang basehang tsismis pwede mo ipakalat na hindi ka kakukulong or mapaparusahan. Kahit magka-kaso ka pa ng slander makakalusot ka pa rin. Subukan mo gawin yan sa ibang bansa lalo na sa UAE or Middle-east ewan ko lang kung saan ka pupulutin. Bottomline, maging responsable sa pagbabalita at iwasan na ibalita yung mga patayan, holdapan, karumal-dumal na krimen at hayaan na lang natin ng mga May kinauukulan ang mag-resolba nyan. Baka sakaling bumaba pa ang mga ganitong kaso. wala namang tong positibong apekto sa economic growth ng bansa

    1. joy jiaxin says:

      yes and it’s because NEGATIVE NEWS sells more than the positive.

      1. Clar says:

        tama ka

    2. darling says:

      agree, sa totoo nung sila pa si julius at karen ang nandyan sa tv patrol excited pa ako manood ng balita dto sa tfc pro lately nagsasawa na ako sa puro negatibong balita as in, naisip ko ganun nba talga ka grabe ang pilipinas?wla nba tlga magandang nagyayari na pwede ibalita? pro last 2 months na umuwi ako sa pinas di nmn pala ganun ka worst ang pilipinas kya minsan mapaisip ka kya pla hangang ngayon di makaahon ang Pilipinas sa kahirapan at pagkalugmok kaz may mga utak talangka ang karahimahan sa atin sayang sana kung ang batas na meron tayo ngayon ay susundin at wla ng kurakot sana aasenso na tayo minsan naisip ko tuloy mas maigi pa dito sa UAE kaz patas ang batas kya pala sla yumayaman ng ganito kaz din may disiplina sila di gaya sa atin panay sabi freedom of speech eh sa totoo pro paninira lang pala

  19. Anonymous says:

    I THINK NOYNOY DID THE RIGHT THING AT THE RIGHT TIME. It was the best venue to get the most attention. The media always promote freedom of speech and the president just practiced his right. No one can call him out on that. He has taken a beating with people trying to say he is a worthless president and i applaud him for fighting. He has very valid points i think.
    If De Castro can’t handle what he did wrong then he has no right to comment on the president’s mistakes. I also think Kat De Castro’s statement regarding PNoy’s statements goes out to her father as well. If he can’t take it, then stop dishing out people.

    I commend PNoy for taking his stand with the media. He just showed that he’s not afraid to take on probably the most influential institution in the country. He’s starting to prove me wrong. I now think he can be one of those presidents that’s really going to make a difference.

    1. Eduard says:

      If he wants to take a stand against media, then call a press conference. He can even declare a holiday. If people applauds and commends what he did, then I guess we have a problem about what we call ethics.

    2. Allan Kalan Floralde says:

      so syo ok lang syo magspeech ang magulang mo ng mga kabulastugan mo at mga baho mo sa araw ng debu mo?

  20. honeybee says:

    Its so true. I always watch TV Patrol and De Castro’s side comments before the show ends are most often than not, “negative” with a matching snide facial expression. He supposedly served the country for 6 years and was in charge of housing… wala namang nagawa.

    I also find it depressing to watch the news for the same reason, always negative reports… killings, holdups, drugs. These stresses the viewers and does not help improve our country.

    1. ivespadilla says:

      It may have been the wrong venue for the President to air his grievances against the former vp but I laud Pnoy’s bravery. What he did showed me that the president is indeed serious with his job one of which is restoring the confidence of Filipinos to the government that he is not afraid to jeopardize his personal relationships not only with Noli but with abs-cbn and the rest of media. The former Vp just got a dose of his own medicine, I feel his slot in our daily evenings is as well the wrong venue for him to give his two cents on news he reports besides their program is not editorial. More so it is bad enough that Noli gives his personal opinions on news related to how the govt does its work but never have I heard him give credit when there are positive news. The former vp may want to have his own program where he can give his opinions but not in a news program. I just want to watch my daily news, form my opinions about it and not have anyone do it for me. And to the President, well it is true that he has a thing or two to learn, better judgement probably? But the man is serious leaving his post in 2016 with an improved Philippines so I feel this is one of those cases of “the end justifies the means”.

    2. markpere2010 says:

      I agree with your first point. The banter portion of TV Patrol should be eliminated. After all, we watch the said program for the news and not their commentary.
      Re your second point: Indeed, negative reports are truly sad to hear especially if we hear it all the time. However, there is nothing really wrong with it if the media puts issues in proper context.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Walang karapatan si PNoy para magsalita ng ganon, Nanay nya ang may dahilan kung bakit free country tayo ngayon pero ang anak nyang si Pnoy gusto itong pigilan, Pnoy malayang pamamahayag nga di ba? alam mo ba meaning non? hayssttt!!! at tsaka napapansin ko rin tuwing merong di magandang pangyayari lagi na lang syang naninisi ng mga nakaraang administrasyon. Paalala lang po, kayo na po ang Presidente, res[ponsibilidad mo na po ;lahat, kaya isa ka rin sa may mga kasalanan.. At di maganda para sa isang lider ang laging nagtuturo kapag may di magandang pangyayari tapos pag maganda ike credit mo sa sarili mo…

    1. markpere2010 says:

      sabi niya dapat daw iwaksi na ang negatibismo. Pero what can journalists do if and when talagang masama ang balita, hindi ba?

      1. Allan Kalan Floralde says:

        kung walang negatib na balita parang sinabi mo na rin na wag ipaalam sa tao kung ano man ung mga negatib nilang ginagawa. kung puro gud news, aba’y naglolokohan nlng tayo nun!

    2. Clar says:

      saludo ako sa iyo

  22. Anonymous says:

    Walang karapatan si PNoy para magsalita ng ganon, Nanay nya ang may dahilan kung bakit free country tayo ngayon pero ang anak nyang si Pnoy gusto itong pigilan, Pnoy malayang pamamahayag nga di ba? alam mo ba meaning non? hayssttt!!! at tsaka napapansin ko rin tuwing merong di magandang pangyayari lagi na lang syang naninisi ng mga nakaraang administrasyon. Paalala lang po, kayo na po ang Presidente, res[ponsibilidad mo na po ;lahat, kaya isa ka rin sa may mga kasalanan.. At di maganda para sa isang lider ang laging nagtuturo kapag may di magandang pangyayari tapos pag maganda ike credit mo sa sarili mo…haystttt

    1. Anonymous says:

      He has every right to do so, what he is just requesting is to balance the news instead on dwelling on the negative news and NOT getting all positive.

      We should change our views and culture (including the media) don’t claim on seeing an elephant when you just saw an ant.

      1. Eduard says:

        Then he should have called for a press conference for all media outfit to attend. Then he can say what he wants in a venue proper for it. Noli is not ABS. Noli is not TVP… Come on, pag ang tao nagpunta sa kasalan na nakasuot ng itim na parang makikipaglibing, either nagpapapansin siya or tanga lang talaga.

  23. Anonymous says:

    excuse for getting off topic:

    I would like to share to you that the we are not the only claimants for most part that china is claiming as rightfully theirs (well of course apart from other ASEAN countries that is)

    China is also claiming most part of the EAST CHINA SEA in which other claimants include South Korea and Japan.

    I bet most people doesn’t know that. And a lot more. A mere fact that the media doesn’t give us a clear view of the CORRECT news. But most their own incites which they present to us as “NEWS”.

    PNOY is merely telling the media to do their job.

  24. DEE_31 says:

    I don’t think people should really talk about what Mr. De Castro did (or didn’t do) when he was our vice president. The issue now is his manner of delivering the news. TV Patrol is a great and highly informative program, but hearing many of Mr. De Castro’s “one-sided” comments is already irritating. I believe that the president is merely calling for a balanced way of reporting. Many news anchors can do that, so why can’t Kabayan Noli do that as well?

  25. Anonymous says:

    wala talagang ibang gagawin ang kasabwat kundi ipagtanggol ang kanyang among magnanakaw…

  26. Anonymous says:

    akala ko kami lang dito sa tfc ang nakakpansin sa asal ni noli na puro negative ang comments nya when it comes to the present govt. sa totoo lang tama lang yung ginawa ni Pnoy,two thumbs up for you Pnoy…at least si Pnoy humingi ng pasensya sa tao sa pagiging prangka kesa naman kay gma na humihingi ng sorry sa mga tao kasi nandaya sa election.

  27. Leizel Grace Luga says:

    hay naku,he is like a woman…xa yung man version ni kris aquino…he should not make things na hindi namn nara2pat sa okasyon na yun,if may hina2kit xa sa tao dahil sa napansin yung lapalpakan nya,dapat dun sya sa palasyo nya mag wala! He always do that,everytime na pumupunta sa mga gatherings na ganyan lage nag pu2tak! tsk…tsk…Pilipinas?look what have you done…tingnan nyo kung cno ang inilukluk nyo sa pwesto!isang pikon na pangulo…for me?he is not a president..he is just a commentator sa isang issue na para sa kanya ay tam…

    1. markpere2010 says:

      Well Leizel, I am proud to say that I didn’t vote for this president even though all surveys leading to the 2010 presidential elections have indicated that he will win by a landslide.

      1. johm fuentes says:

        ikaw na lang kaya mag president kaya moba

    2. markpere2010 says:

      It seems to be that Aquino is very onion-skinned when it comes to criticisms, ehich is not supposed to be the case.

  28. Eduard says:

    The president wanted to get a point across. There is a truth in what he said. But if he has problem in media, he should have called a press con. All media outfits would be there. He can even declare a holiday if he wants to.He can air what he wanted to. Those who said that he did just right and ok, I cannot blame you. You feel that its the right way to do it. Can you imagine a pest control service provider burning your house to eliminate the queen termite? This is not the wild west.

  29. Anonymous says:


  30. Anonymous says:


  31. Lolo makoy says:

    Dyaskeng matanda ka pnoy!e kung ibalita mo kaya sa buong pilipinas ang nangyayare sa hacienda luisita ang mga karahasang totoong pangyayare,ang abs cbn ng mga lopez,na nagtatakip sa mga balita sa mga karumal dumal na pangyayare doon!

  32. Teodora dela Cruz says:

    Pnoy, u were invited to grace the big event ,not to spoil it.There is a time for everything.Wrong timing! What u did was so unacceptable. It is like insulting your host.Your are so lacking in good manners.

    1. markpere2010 says:

      Yes, even if he somehow makes a point. Parang ganito lang yan. If I invite you to my party, I don’t expect you to use the opportunity to bash me there.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I think what PNOY done was very timely because Noli de castro has done nothing during his term as VP of the republic and at this point in time his non stop criticism to the present government was below the belt where in fact during his term he has done nothing. ANG KAPAL MO DE CASTRO mg comment eh wala ka rin naman na nagawa sa bayan

  34. the_hypocrite says:

    may i ask, where do you suppose is “the right place and the right time?” i grew up thinking like that, and i haven’t gotten very far with all this indecisiveness. he became a president for some reason.

    1. bulldog says:

      sa sona nya

    2. Anonymous says:

      he became a president for a reason.. he is the son of his parents.. nothing more than that. right place and time? press con. so all media outfit will be there.. if you cant see that he was out of line, then i think u have a problem.

  35. Anonymous says:

    what can I say? our president is bi-polar. a total loser, douche-bag, complete moron & a closet queen. Deym!

    1. markpere2010 says:

      Please refrain from using offensive stereotypical comments like this. 🙁

      1. johm fuentes says:

        ang cute naman g english mo day

    2. Anonymous says:

      The hell. Bi-polar? Are you a Psychologist in anyway that your stating mental disorders by just judging people? Sheesh.

  36. blezzzz says:

    nakakabastos si pnoy he’s so mayabang na

  37. Mba says:

    Those with less than idiotic comments really shows how much education you have attained. Bakla, closet queen, etc, these are comments made by people who’s views are so prehistoric that if they have the chance to go to a developed country they will be laughed at. Good thing Hindi lahat ng Pilipino ganito. Those who thinks pnoy is doing a good job are usually those who are educated and professionals. Those who thinks otherwise….well., u decide. Noli should have his own show if he wants to be a commentator. The news is no place to say your views. Also, what did he do when he was still in office? Exactly! Abccbn is not nolis house, nor his property. Noli is just an employee. If I have problems with a service I talk to the mgr. I guess that is the reason why pnoy did that speech.

    1. Anonymous says:

      100% super tama ka dyan.

  38. Mba says:

    Check this out. Even the network thinks de castro is steping too far.

  39. Concerned Citizen says:

    I was flabbergasted by the news of this atrocious behavior by two very influential figures of the country. I concede to the observation that TV Patrol handled news reporting better in the past–the type not tainted with bias and personal opinion. However, such concession ends there.

    Philippine Media (this term was used to encompass all networks and radio stations) had changed sporadically and definitely not for the better. On this note, I agree on some significant points emphasized by President Aquino in his speech, particularly regarding the accountability and responsibility of news anchors. Media men carry not only the name of the network to which they belong but also the weight of information they deliver.

    As provided in the International Declaration of Principles of Professional Ethics in Journalism, the public have the right to acquire an objective picture of reality by means of accurate and comprehensive information. Hence, by simple construction, pieces of information colored with baseless speculations, opinions fueled by personal feelings and subjective statements are frowned upon, for they failed to project an objective picture of reality clearly demanded.

    I wholeheartedly agree that freedom of speech, expression and of the press entitled citizens the right to communicate their grievances without fear of censorship or punishment, with the limitation of course, on those affecting rights to privacy and other substantial rights of private individuals. To that end, considering that President Aquino is a public figure, hostile and unjust criticisms or accusations against his person and also his administration should be more than expected. After all, official acts, now even private life, are legitimate subjects of public comment.

    Considering for the sake of argument that such comments or criticisms were delivered by Noli De Castro, a prominent figure due to his media presence and former political association, in ‘bad taste,’ the same can be said of the President’s method of dealing with the issue for a reason completely unrelated to the so-called disrespect of the occasion or lack of delicadeza as most people pointed out.

    It all hinges on this question: ‘Why only when the criticisms, baseless speculations and unjust statements were directed against him and his administration that President Aquino expressed his displeasure with the Philippine Media?’

    Looking back to the Impeachment Proceedings of former Chief Justice Renato Corona, the Philippine Media was seen to display the same appalling behavior of news reporting. During those months when the Prosecution was just presenting their evidence, media men from both radio and television utterly failed at observing the objectivity, independence and integrity demanded of their profession. This, in turn, created a clamor amongst the masses to move, quite adamantly, for the removal from office of the former Chief Justice.

    Considering this nest of dark feelings, I strongly concur with the speech of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago when she voted for CJ Corona’s acquittal that the Impeachment was tainted with a political complexion.

    And from my viewpoint as a simple citizen, I see the Philippine Media as the entity that prompted such politically-motivated conclusion of the Impeachment Proceeding.

    NOW, the question is, ‘What are the methods implemented by President Aquino to ensure the objectivity of Media Reporting, considering the historical significance of the event?’

    Sadly, there was none. In fact, his actions at that time created the impression of a kid putting his hands inside the forbidden cookie jar, what with his interference in the purely legislative process, almost giving rise to a constitutional crisis.

    Why, just why didn’t the President exhibit any of his displeasure, frankness and frustration towards the media at that time? The very same displeasure, frankness and frustration he articulated in his speech at TV Patrol’s 25th Anniversary?

    What circumstances are different in the given scenario?

    To be honest, the only thing I see that they differ in is this: President Aquino is a man of the current administration while former Chief Justice Corona is an individual appointed by the previous one.

    How about similarities?

    At that time, the President and former CJ Corona are both public figures occupying public office. Both are subjects of controversies, harsh criticisms and baseless speculations. Negativity is almost always part of the news mentioning their names.

    It was just like a pot calling the kettle black.

    On that note, I hope that this post will not be misinterpreted or misunderstood as backing or supporting a particular political figure.

    I only intend to communicate the sentiment that as admirable the President’s speech for truth, accountability and responsibility in Media Reporting is, I pray that he does so NOT only when it will redound to the benefit of his person and administration nor shall the same tenacity be directed at only one person, program or network.

    From here on, may his movement for progress and change cease from being half-hearted.

    ~ Concerned Citizen~

    1. Eduard says:

      Sadly, Mr. Concerned Citizen, what you pointed out will never be understood.. There are only few of your kind. That is why Noynoy is president. 🙂

      1. Clar says:

        tama ka

  40. Anonymous says:

    ang babaw ng mga analysis mo, make your site juicy naman, wala yan sa dami ng views kundi nasa quality, amg pinakaimportante pa rin sa lahat nagustuhan yong stories or commentaries mo, pero sa mga sulat mo naging no 1 lang dahil sa views hindi sa quality ng sinusulat mo, pangit UP ka pa naman…

    1. markpere2010 says:

      Dear hater,

      I don’t appreciate anonymous criticisms. Why don’t you stop hiding behind the cloak of anonymity? And besides, what do you get from attacking me? Who are you to lecture me on how to blog while telling me on the other hand that no one appreciates my blog? Have your own blog site, and let’s see if you get a national recognition LIKE I DID. 🙂

      PS: Get a life.

      1. Allan Kalan Floralde says:

        they are not attacking u, nagrerebat lang sila. this is a democratic country. nahawa ka na sa idol mo. bawal umalma. tsk.

      2. johm fuentes says:

        hahahaha i post mo yong nagawa mo buhay mo para sumikat ka hahhahaaaaa

      3. Clar says:

        watch your blood pressure just ignore personal attack, they’re morons

    2. Clar says:

      You’re taking it personally…

  41. Anonymous says:

    Reporting news should not be biased in anyway!

  42. Anonymous says:

    kahit ang isang tao hindi marunong kumanta alam niya kung sino ang sintunado the same way kahit ang isang tao walang blog site alam pa rin niya kung ang blog site na walang laman na maganda kundi mga common idea lang walng pinag kaiba tulad ng sayo.

  43. Anonymous says:

    dont got mad on criticisms, it will only reveal ur true personality in real life, instead take it as a challenge so that ur blog site will improve. honestly ur no. 1 just because of the no. of views but in quality very poor especially in terms of first hand information.

  44. Anonymous says:

    abnormal kasi na presidente,,may sayad ang baklang yan..palaaway..wala kayo pagkaiba sa sis mong may sayad din..

    1. Clar says:

      that’s too personal.

  45. Sweet says:

    I watched noli de Castro for years, and I remember it well when he was younger, he likes to complain about corrupt and useless government officials. That’s why I had high expectations when he sat as a vice president but to my dismay, he was pretty much the same, if not worse than the politicians he used to condemn.How can he still work as an anchor and be a critic when he was all talk but wasn’t able to prove anything after he was given a chance to do so.he has no shame!

    1. Allan Kalan Floralde says:

      the problem is nilagay kasi sya ni GMA sa NHA, na limited lang tlga ang magagawa mo. in fairness to him, mas maayos ang NHA ngayon. madali ng makakuha ng bahay and nakapagpagawa sya ng mas maraming bahay kumpara sa ilang nagdaang administrasyon.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Kapag ang pinoy nagalit pa kay pres. Noy. Tanga na talaga sila. Tama naman sya sino ba gugustuhin nyo ung nagbabaitbaitan na kinakamkam ang kaban ng bayan or ung prangka para sa kapakanan ng nakakarami. Ang bansa natin ay kailangan ng kamay na bakal na hindi iisipin kung makakasakit ng damdamin ng iba para lang pagtakpan ang kapalpakan. Ano ba nagawa ni noli sa bayan? Totoo naman na binigyan sya ng pagkakataon ng taong bayan na malutas kahit man lang 20% na nirereport nya araw araw . Pero meron ba .wala. mismong amo nya lantarang nangungurakot di nya napigilan. Sinuportahan pa nya. Gising pilipino. Otherwise habang buhay kayong tanga sa paningin ng ibang bansa. Maawa kayo sa susunod pang henerssyon. Binigyan na tayo ng isang pagkakataon na makabangon sa tulong ni pnoy wag na natin sayangin pa. Baka ang susunid na presidente ay isang kurap na naman. Huhuhuhu

    1. Clar says:

      Ganon naba kakurakot ang mga pinoy? Wala na bang pagbabago? Wala ba kayong batas diyan? Kasi naririnig ko mga hinuhuli ng mga pulis na magnanakaw pinapalabas ka agad. Iyon, walang parusa ang mga magnanakaw. Pati corrupt at mga criminal na mambabatas walang parusa. Paulit ulit na ibinubuto pa rin ng mga tao. Dapat si Miriam Santiago magandang gawin na chief of staff iyon bang mamuno sa military. Kasi magandang armas ang bunganga niya hindi natatkot. Just my opinion…

  47. anonymous says:

    Sus nagpayaman lang yan si noli…o sino hinahabol ngaun sa housing projects like delfin lee???dapat habulin si noli….tameme sya nung binanatan ni pnoy. If i was in his shoes and binanatan ako ng ganun and malinis konsensya ko. I’ll fight back…pero hindi eh…parang umurong buntot ni ka noli dun.Nice job mr president

  48. Chanel A;lore says:

    Sa lahat ng mga Filipino wag natayong magsiraan pa dahil isang ang bansa nating pilipino at kahit sino pa nag maging Pangulo ng Pilipinas laging may masasabi tayong masam sa nakaupo bakit hindi pa tau magkaisa hindi magsakitan pa kung gayan tayong pilipino hindi taoyo uunlad pa, ang dapat natinb kailangan tulungan natin ang mga pinuno sa bansa par ganon umunlad lalo ang pilipina hindi yong masiraan pa tayo, magkaisa tayong lahat hindi magsakitan pa tayo ” HAWAK KAMAY” sa lahat ng pinoy, ang isipin natin ay paano natin matulugang ng OFW sa bung mundo na sana Itaas ng ating Presidente Nonoy ang Remitances ng OFW sa boung munda ,ito sana ang dapat natin tignan hindi yong magsisiran pa. Paano kung laging siraan nalang tuwing sino ang nakaupong Presidente ng Pilipinas. Sana makaisa tayong lahat, magmahal at magtulungan hindi yong magsiraan pa lahat tau ay nakatira sa isang bansang Pilipinas, maraming-maraming salamat sa inyomg lahat be one hand together.

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