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Comedienne jokes about Filipino children on BBC show

Katherine Ryan, a Canadian comedienne based in the United Kingdom, earned the ire of local netizens after using Filipino children as the subject of her punchline in Mock the Week, a game show that airs in British Broadcasting Corporation.

In a segment where participants were asked to say unlikely lines from a cosmetics commercial, Ryan said: “We don’t use any of our products on animals. We use Filipino children.” A 15-second clip featuring her quip has been uploaded on YouTube last June 13. It has received 14, 000 views so far. Watch a three-minute video of the segment through this website.

According to a write-up about Mock The Week,  the show requires guests to deliver answers on unexpected subjects on the spur of the moment. Ergo, Ryan’s joke about Filipino children is an unscripted one. Read more about her in this Wikipedia profile.

BBC filipino children joke

Comedienne Katherine Ryan: “We don’t test any of our product on animals. We use Filipino children.”

Already, Filipino netizens have expressed their disgust over the joke. Here are some reactions posted on Facebook and YouTube.

We don’t test our products on our shoes, we use Britons to clean our shoes!”

Jusmiyo.. Sikat talaga ang mga PINOY kaya sinisira nila.. Ay naku,di naman kagandahan itong si ate,mukhang animal din. Lol

This is not funny. Children should be taken care and not use on advertisements.”

If I ever see your children I will surely drown them.. B*tch!!!!

Who is that woman? Would you like Filipinos to experiment on you? Maybe put a bomb on your mouth? hmmm? How is that sound?”

UPDATE: Responding to a query from The Filipino Scribe, Katherine Ryan said via Twitter (@Kathbum):  “If you’d watched the whole show instead of reacting to a still shot out of context, you might feel that I was criticizing the EXPLOITATION of children. The joke is never, ever ON children. Watch the show.”

She also stressed that the two-minute long clip of the episode that’s uploaded on YouTube does not encapsulate the full nature and tone of the program. This should make us ask ourselvs: are we overreacting again, similar to what happened during that Lucy Liu brouhaha a few months ago?

UPDATE: Thanks to ABS-CBN News,, and Get Real Philippines for giving credits to The Filipino Scribe.

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319 thoughts on “Comedienne jokes about Filipino children on BBC show”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You idiot ugly woman!!! Why don’t you test yourself..What do you think of filipino children ha!!! Look at yourself..Animals are more prettier than you hahahaha!!!!!! Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Calm down. Smh its just a joke

      1. Anonymous says:

        Its not funny at all! I bet all the products in the world cannot help the fugly face of this disgusting creature!

      2. Anonymous says:

        Fuck…you… all here……

      3. remo virginillo says:

        a joke is meant to be witty & cleaver that expands the mind not close it…for all to enjoy not a privilege few.

      4. Anonymous says:

        Calm down, and SLASH your throat, just a JOKE!

      5. Sarah says:

        it’s on tv. she should have thought about it first before making any remarks about any ethnicity. If she “JOKED” about your race in such a demeaning manner, how would you feel??? Animals are subjected to cruelty when they are being used for the cosmetics industry. Filipino children does not deserve to be joked about like that. Heck, even animals don’t deserve it. It was a hurtful, thoughtless remark.

      6. Dhaye says:

        You should make a joke in your own race why the hell you need to use other people? The hell are you! Even if its a joke it is not funny. And making funny with other people is a mistake. If I see you damn girl I will test the acid on your face. Go to hell!

    2. Anonymous says:

      I’m Filipino, and yeah… you guys are overreacting. It was just a joke, let’s not be hypocrites. We joke about other races all the time.

      1. ike says:

        That is soooo true. If you try to “understand” the context joke it’s not even against the children or us Filipinos
        . goodness.

      2. Anonymous says:

        yes.we do joke abt other races but not on national televison where everybody can hear. i just cannot believe that you are a filipino coz you could not even have the balls to give your true identity. duwag ka na, may dugong animal ka pa gaya nung canadian/british prostitute na yon.

      3. remo virginillo says:

        do not make any assumptions about my character How dare you!!! You are a poor example of a Filipino,

      4. Anonymous says:

        Idiot. Don’t cover up the obvious. rationalize yourself. There’s in no any instance a proper place to joke about this, you DUMB ANIMAL.

      1. Anonymous says:

        CALM DOWN AND get GAY like Butt hurt facebook page

  2. aryanliddell says:

    It’s just a joke. It is important to understand that in that culture, where they are trying to sell this show, humor is different. This is a comedy show. They joke about races, and cultures. It’s not even true. I haven’t seen or heard of any Filipino children being test subjects for cosmetics. They say things like that about Thai, Cambodian, Indian, Mexican and African kids too, people. No need to get all rowdy.

    Besides, don’t Filipinos make fun of other races too? We all have racist agendas. I’ve heard Filipinos call Americans fat, Africans nigers, Arabs “stinky-hairy” bombays, Japanese perverts, Koreans dumb. Don’t Filipinos not want to get too dark because they don’t want to be mistaken for an African? If not, what are all the whitening products for? I had international students in my university and NOBODY ever sits next to the Africans or the Iranians. Nobody wants to help the Americans or any of the foreign students in their class. Filipinos are more racist than they think they are.

    I am a Filipino. I understand that in this globalized world, an open mind is important. I think it is ridiculous for Filipinos to be reacting so violently to every mention of “Filipinos” or “the Philippines” out there.

    1. Anonymous says:

      You’re right. I’m with you. Im a Proud Filipino too and very proud of my skin and my and my identity. If its comedy show, its nithing but a joke…you onky laugh at it and have fun. Salamat po.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Maybe a little too proud, that a little joke that went out of context got you a little butthurt, you onion-skinned flipfag

        go read this:

    2. Bill Concepcion says:

      Respect is always important. Let’s call a spade a spade…if we know something is done in bad taste, we definitely should not tolerate it and not stay quiet about it. To reason that others also do it anyway is flawed reasoning. By all means, call the attention of those “others” as well, if and when you witness it. We should all be advocates of being responsible in the things that we say. In order to be able to empathize more with the people who find the “joke” offense, try reading it this way and then test your emotions again about it: “We don’t use any of our products on animals. We use A. Lidell’s children.”

      1. Bill Concepcion says:

        I meant “offensive”

      2. aryanliddell says:

        “Let’s call a spade a spade”

        Do you even know where that came from? It’s in reference to African Americans that the racist whites in America used. I’m bringing this to your attention because we should not tolerate and keep quiet about people who are being offensive. Respect is important. You should take responsibility for things that you say and you shouldn’t disrespect people based on their skin color.

        But I understand that you didn’t say that as a racist. I’ll be a good sport and not cause so much drama about your passing statement.

        And your joke is bad. You should feel bad. But it’s not bad because it’s offensive. It’s bad because it’s a poorly written joke.

      3. Anonymous says:

        Right! I’m with you! People can be be funny in a appropriate way without insulting anybody. Sometimes comedian need to use their sensitivity and not just their small brain..

    3. glsolo says:

      You also have to factor in that Filipino’s have a “google alert” for everytime we’re mentioned, and little comprehension of satire or hyperbole.

    4. Naypi Likato says:

      Doing it in home is understandable. But National Tv? Insulting

      1. I Am A Filipino and I'm Proud of It! says:

        Why not use ‘Canadian children’ instead of ‘Filipino’. She’s a Canadian and the WHOLE JOKE is not intended that way… so WHY NOT ‘Canadian’ or in this very case, ‘British Children’ because you’re in a British show… why in the world FILIPINO? Can anyone answer this?

      2. Anonymous says:

        So it’s ok to be racist, or abusive as long as its behind closed doors? Idiot.

      3. Anonymous says:

        para namang hindi yan nangyayari sa Showtime o Wowowee dati! Self-righteous kayo masyado! At least sila kung may sinasabing racist joke, alam nila na racist joke, mga pinoy kunwari pang mababait! Insulting!

      4. Anonymous says:

        BOBO kasi mga nagtatakip ng obvious dito. imbes na sabihin na lang sa comedienne na “SHUT UP”. nag-ja-justify pa. EDUCATED FOOLS.

      5. Anonymous says:

        Showtime at wowowee= pang BOBO na shows. stupid. walang kwenta, mga bobo lang nanonood tumatangkilik ng mang-ookray na bading at filthy rich na stupido.

    5. Anonymous says:

      If you mention a certain race in a wrong context, the citizens will react. If its ok with you to that other people are saying bad things about your kids, then you need to have your head checked out.

      1. Anonymous says:

        98% dito hindi maintindihan yan. Mga TANGA na nakalabas sa kolehiyo siguro.

    6. Anonymous says:

      Tama ka girl. Oversensitive mga pinoys.

      1. Anonymous says:

        May malay pa kami, ULOL.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Tama ka girl. TANGA, hindi mo naintindihan nakasulat sa taas. sakto lang pagkasensitive namen, ewan sayo, baka PUSONG BATO ka. ULOL.

    7. Anonymous says:

      Tama ka. Filinos are just over sensitive.

      1. Anonymous says:


      2. Anonymous says:

        Muntik maipit ng jeepney anak kong 1 year old. Hinila ko driver na 5’8″ tapos tinadyakan bayag nya. 5’1″ ako. tapos pinalo-palo ko ng TUBO hanggang hindi na bumangon. I will not hesitate to do that to you LIVE any time gawin mong BOBO mga Pinoy in any way. Over sensitive your ass. MANHID kang idiot.

    8. Anonymous says:

      Do you have children? I think what ticks most people off was not the mere mention of Filipinos but the implication that Filipino Children are worthy of such cruelty and that they are lower than animals. Children whatever their raceor nationality is should not be used to prove a point as what Miss Ryan was suggesting.

      1. Anonymous says:

        i agree and i commented the same when i saw this video in facebook, and yes ,why use FILIPINOS? she can use her own country’s name if she really meant it as a joke..

      2. Anonymous says:

        she just masturbated too much

    9. ETHAN_is_FUGLY says:

      you talk too much!

    10. Anonymous says:

      At least Filipinos are not airing it to tv stations where everybody can see. Ok aryan here’s my joke, you have the tendency to punch ugly people no wonder why you have broken mirrors. Well it’s just a joke. If human evolution is true, at what point did ur mother remained? Well it’s just a joke. No need to be angry.

      1. aryanliddell says:

        If grammar is true, at what point does your joke make sense?

      2. Anonymous says:

        Hehehe it was just a joke. Were u irritation? Aryan?

      3. Anonymous says:

        Sorry aryan, I just don’t think that grammar is more important than technical skills. At least, ur bloodline that is left in early evolution has the intellegence to distinguish jokes that make sense and do not. Hehehe. Just joking. Dont g8 mad.

      4. Anonymous says:

        hahaha, LOL. aryanliddell is a NERD too concerned for grammar. she’s like a google bot looking for the right syntax. can’t figure out what’s communicated without proper grammar. DUH. Joke joke joke.

    11. Tito says:

      “Open mindedness is important in this globalized world. C’mon t’was just a joke.”… OK, go tell that to every Filipino children, to every children in the world who heard and saw the show. Let them understand that it’s just a joke and it’s alright to offend other person or be offended as long as it is a joke and that it is in ones culture. Sorry aryan, but not all people are as open minded and mature as you are specially the children. If you are as righteous and as open minded as what you think, then you must have knowledge about children.

      1. runawayprincess says:

        If you are a true filipino you would understand why we are this sensitive. Simply because we love our race! We aren’t robots.

      2. Anonymous says:

        High and Mighty Aryan thinks they like a self-righteous mature animal. Educated fools they are. Pretending to know what they don’t know. The fool by the book.

    12. Anonymous says:

      It does not matter even if they use American or british children it is not funny and insulting

      1. Anonymous says:


    13. sophia says:

      Of course it was a joke, but it was ill-delivered. we have every right to be indignant because while we do make fun of other races, it IS ALWAYS IN PRIVATE, AMONG KIN AND FRIENDS AND NEVER, TO MY RECALL, WAS IT EVER DONE BY A FILIPINO ON NATIONAL TV. We are not asking the comedienne to kneel down for foriveness but we certainly deserve a sincere apology at the very least. What is more irritating is we can’t find a defender from among our own government officials who clearly do not understand the day-to-day struggles of many Filipinos overseas combatting discrimination, mockery and slavery on a daily basis. If our own officials do not stand up to defend our honor as a people, who will ?

      1. Anonymous says:

        Pnoy is already contented with his SALARY. hahaha

    14. Anonymous says:

      idiota. globalization your ass. Filipino children swanked in a stupid joke on a global TV channel. DUMB ass.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s not a joke.Her Heart is evil….

    1. Naypi Likato says:

      Where can we relay her to apologize. After all, is she saying Canadians are racist?

      I bet she wouldn’t say that to Arab Children.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Why don’t they dare?

  4. Ethan says:

    LOL, Negros still exist? Fuck Ugly, Negro Pinoys.

    1. Anonymous says:

      You must be really smart

    2. ETHAN_is_FUGLY says:

      Fuck ETHAN!

      1. Anonymous says:


    3. Anonymous says:

      I think you’re the ugly one….

    4. Anonymous says:

      RYAN paid Ethan, her call boy.

  5. Ethan says:

    Phillippines, a land of drug addicts, thieves and ugly stupid people. haha!

    1. hahahhaha says:

      so you mean you are beautiful your fucking shit don’t you there to say that again

    2. Anonymous says:

      but we still manage to live harmoniously and happy. it’s more fun here in the philippines! We are a country of free people! You can do drugs, get caught and walk away from it. We can DUI as long us we don’t hit into an accident. We let shittard white people marry our exotic beauties. It is just PURE AWESOMENESS. We dont have to act and pretend like snoots like other countries. We are real!

    3. Naypi Likato says:

      We are so kind that you can’t mention Arab Children? Sharia Law is already there, good for all of you. Live in fear of your own land, not because you only can’t get along with others or jealous of others, because simply you are racist.

    4. Anonymous says:

      You are sounding very smart right now.

    5. Anonymous says:


    6. Marc Nesty Tagatac says:

      be careful what yah saying bro.

      1. Anonymous says:

        wow, natawag mo pang ‘bro’.

    7. ETHAN_is_FUGLY says:

      FUCK ethan!

    8. runawayprincess says:

      You are an example of a racist. 😛

    9. April says:

      That opinion makes you happy? hurray for you….what a waste!

    10. Anonymous says:

      Philippines, a land of drug addicts, imported from Britain, thieves and ugly stupid people FEATURING Ethan, who imagined being in the philippines in a sewer prison made in Britain. Joke joke joke. Duh. laslas lalamunan mo. educate your ass.

  6. Marie says:

    A good joke is meant to be funny. This is tasteless–there all there is to it.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I agree. This is tasteless. Oh and this woman is sooo UGLY!!!! I don’t think there is a plastic surgery procedure that can fix her face!

  7. Kogane says:

    Another classic case of the pikon attitude of Filipinos rearing its ugly head. If you’re offended by child labor jokes, I can understand that and in that context, this joke would be offensive. But as a Filipino, I’ve seen how racially intolerant Filipinos are – to a point where they’re even worse than other races being racist towards them. One day, the world is going to gang up on Filipinos for being onion-skinned crybabies.

    1. Naypi Likato says:

      And you aren’t a Cry Baby Kogane? Let nature take its course. Stop sucking up to other Races.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Who is “pikon” now? Go home and treat that onion-skinned butthurt feelings of yours.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Its out of context. Nobody has the right to belittle any race let alone kids of a nation. This is plane ignorance.

      1. Anonymous says:


      2. Anonymous says:

        No one here is saying we should tolerate racism, just to know when to take a joke. Those who REFUSE to understand the context of the joke are just “plane” ignorant.

    3. runawayprincess says:

      Are you a filipino?… If not,please stop using our language. You said we are pikon? I’d say we are “SENSITIVE” coz we have the kindest hearts in the world. I would not judge you not even your race coz I am just few of the filipinos who are kind and literate enough to understand people.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Baka “Pinoy” yan 1/8 blood. FB page admin yan, sa jargon pa lang. feeling alam lahat, naintindihan ang lahat ng Pilipino. Magaling sa terms na favorite nya. pinoy-pinoyan lang yan, sawsaw. Imbes na paunawain ang kapwa pinoy, ginatungan pa.

    4. Anonymous says:

      yah, generalize Filipinos. nagmamarunong.

  8. Sira Ulo says:

    this is good news though…ii’ve been scouring on Animal activists pages and i HATE IT when i get to see pictures of scientists experimenting on poor innocent animals, its very unfavoruable though because animals and humans doesn’t have the same anatomical structure making the experiment very much invalid and inappropriate. it has got to be the most sorry blight for these men of science because if they want to know if the cosmetic would hurt in the eyes or would make your stomach explode then why not put their tests on criminals, such as rapists, pedophiles, murderers,rapists or filipino children, its like that rabbit or that beagle has the same body reaction LOL…

    1. Anonymous says:

      idagdag mo na sarili mo, bagay ka dyan

  9. Anonymous says:

    I doubt if ur a real Filipino manang…. Jokes on our children is unacceptable…. And i object on these people taking our children as just a joke… what now?

    1. Kogane says:

      Dear Anonymous,

      Get your head out of your ass and stop hiding behind that name. Look up SATIRE. Understand what it means. Then come back to this article.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Kogane bobo, you need a HEART not a DICTIONARY. dumber.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Kogane idioto, as if you’re not hiding in that name, no? duh. use your real name sh*thead.

    2. Anonymous says:

      TANGA kasi mga taong nagmamarunong dito, hindi naintindihan nakasulat na “MOCK the week”

      1. Anonymous says:

        mina-mock na nga TAMA pa daw, toasted brain cells…

  10. Pats says:

    “unlikely lines from a cosmetics commercial”


    Flips, she said what she said, because IT’S AN UNLIKELY LINE FROM A COSMETICS COMMERCIAL.


    Unless my fellow countrymen reacting so vehemently on this subject believe otherwise.

    Jeebus f**k, this is why British humor is hopelessly lost on us Filipinos.

    1. Kogane says:

      Filipinos don’t know anything about satire. Their level of appreciation for jokes are limited to the tasteless humor of the likes of Willie Revillame.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Kogane, this is not satire. Its plain ignorance. If the script writer or director or producer would ask you to eat your own shit, because it could be funny to a few idiots like yourself, would you do it?

      2. Anonymous says:


      3. KOGANE_is_FUGLY says:

        and you dont know anything about filipinos.. you’re as fugly as katherine!

      4. runawayprincess says:

        How come you know Willie Revillame?… Hmm, come to think of it. Did you and your beautiful/handsome filipino girl/boyfriend have a fight last night? 😀

      5. Anonymous says:

        not EVERY Filipino watches Revillame. DUMBO

      6. Anonymous says:

        Kogane, my level of tasteless humour is when I swing my baseball bat on your Nerdy body, over and over again. LOL

    2. Anonymous says:

      Hurrah runawayprincess!!

    3. Anonymous says:

      BRITISH HUMOUR IS spawned from boredom stupidity. Twisted to appeal to the brainwashed BBC followers.

  11. says:

    Satire and exaggeration are not fun in the Philippines.
    We can never laugh at ourselves even though we claim we can laugh at anything.

    She could’ve used any other group of people to make her point, I can say that at least she knows about Filipinos. Frankly, we’re far from being the richest people in the planet, third world jokes will be around for years.

    Once we do get out of “developing” status, I can only hope that we can enjoy jokes like this. And when they crack a joke about the Phils being third world, we can proudly laugh knowing that it is no longer true (and with sweet revenge, the knowledge that we earn the same or a bigger salary than foreigner counterparts).

    1. says:

      Also, I’ve seen arguments say that Ms. Ryan’s unconsciously racist against Filipinos since the first thing she can’t think of below animals is Filipino kids. My take on this is the exact opposite, considering the plausibility of the statement, the last thing she thinks cosmetic companies would use as test subjects are Filipino children.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Ok, let’s just say, for the sake of arguments that what Im going to say is satire (my ass) …British people are so stupid for paying very high takes so that they can support a family that never had to work?

    2. runawayprincess says:

      Yeah you are right! insensitive kasi sila di tulad natin…

      1. Anonymous says:

        Ang daming paliwanag, ganyan daw ang edukado, sila kaya ang hindi maka gets. puro dictionary ang alam, nawala na pagiging pusong tao.

  12. noel says:

    It’s not a joke. What if i say that you british people are trying to be human but the truth is your worse than animal. What would you think? if i say also a JOKE!!!.

    1. Anonymous says:

      mga TANGA yan, hindi nila maintindihan, culture nila maging manhid. mga parliament sheeps.

  13. chmonologue says:

    Okay first, you guys are removing things from context. The title of skit that she did was UNLIKELY LINES FROM A COSMETIC COMMERCIAL. Read that? It says UNLIKELY. LINES, for the people who doesn’t even bother researching and just react like wild butthurt animals the loose translation for that is “Mga linyang malamang hindi makikita”.

    Get that? Still butthurt? Then let me explain what that means. It means those lines have almost zero possibility to show up in a commercial. Meaning testing on Filipino children are unlikely to show up in a cosmetic commercial.

    To the people saying it’s in bad taste and preaching about respect. NO. Admit that you are butthurt and admit that you are sensitive pricks. Black people becomes subject of humor and they take it in stride (you know those prison rape jokes or those stealing jokes). Chinese/Japanese/Koreans (jokes about poor English, about their eyes) become subject of jokes and they take it in stride also. Heck, white people mock other white people. It’s not offensive for them because it was never meant to be offensive.

    Christ, you people are shallow.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Fuck you… I will use you and rest of family for bomb testing

      1. Anonymous says:

        News: Filipinos are violent and evil. In their sensitivity, they are willing to rage an all-out war and bomb anyone who makes jokes about them.

        Talk about exaggeration. Sige, make more jokes about Filipinos! We’ll see how far they go and if they will actually push through with it! I’d love to see that happen!

      2. chmonologue says:

        Oh my, I am so scared right now. That’s like the most threatening thing ever. Please don’t test bombs on us, I’m legitimately scared…

        Oh by the way, that was sarcasm. Google that. Since you can neither hold an intellectual nor decent reply, I assume that you wouldn’t know sarcasm or irony, which by the way are present on the joke of Ryan.

        Not only are most Filipinos butt-hurt and onion-skinned, but they even make empty and childish threats like these? Seriously, kindergarten students are more decent than you are.

      3. Anonymous says:

        chmonologue your nerdy ass will be the feasting pool of undying worms in HELL. Thinking you’re the only one who understands words. Be thankful your just in a ‘site’ commenting.

    2. Anonymous says:

      The mere fact the she specified a certain race is wrong given that your argument is the word “UNLIKELY”. That would mean then that children from other races can be used as test specimen?

      1. chmonologue says:

        No, just no. It doesn’t mean she specified Filipinos as “unlikely”, means that children from other races are “likely” to be used for cosmetic testing. Don’t go on would that logic and don’t take it to a socio-political level.

        This is comedy we are talking about. There is nothing wrong with specifying a certain race–unless it is done to directly threaten, or humiliate. Did she say that Filipino children are lab rats for cosmetic? No. Did she say Filipino children deserves and should be lab rats for cosmetics? No.

        She already said that the point of the joke was not to vilify Filipino children.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Like in a relationship, I’m sorry, i hurt you, it’s your fault.

        GAYS RULE HERE blah blah nerds, JOKE.

    3. Anonymous says:

      “Unlikely” We all understand that. Thanks for ur translation anyway. But u have to carefully think about this. People who laughed did not laugh because it was unlikely lines. They laughed because of what’s inside that unlikely lines which meant Filipino children were less than animals. Now, why not use her own race in the context? Why not use her own family? Jokes are fun but one has to draw a line.

    4. runawayprincess says:

      Well oh well. I admit I am hurt as a filipino. But please stop criticizing all FILIPINOS.

    5. runawayprincess says:

      Hmm,kalahi kasi natin si Lapu-lapu kaya we dont take it in stride.

    6. Anonymous says:

      UNLIKELY Lines, noh? pero tumatawa sila? something wrong? rationalize nanaman ang nerds.

    7. Anonymous says:

      It was never meant to be offensive for BRITISH or CANADIAN because they are at the highest state of INSENSITIVITY and commercialization. There’s no BUTTHURT or ONIONSKINNED here. Try using your kids or the rest of your family for your own TV jokes. pa christ christ ka pa. PUTANG INA ka. tingin mo sarili mo ikaw lang nakakaintindi. BADING kang abnormal na nerd. JOKE!

    8. Anonymous says:

      Try me, a Filipino Muslim.

  14. CARLOS says:

    All those people who reacted violently to the joke acted stupidly. If I were Ryan, I would not apologize. She only based the joke on a fact, child exploitation is rampant in the Philippines. Read the fine print and use your brains, you so-called Filipinos.

    Let me add my opinion here:

    1. Anonymous says:

      it’s so plain to see, DON’T USE that FILIPINO CHILDREN line. Period. Habla?

    2. Anonymous says:

      TANGA, “VIOLENTLY” sulat pa lang yan, pa-define natin sa katawan mo ang VIOLENTLY. I normally write like this, and all like a joke. Bading ka kasi, hindi BOBO ang Pinoy. ULOL Na Bading ka. JOKE

  15. Anonymous says:

    The amount of butthurt is TOO DAMN HIGH

    1. Anonymous says:

      it’s so plain to see, DON’T USE that FILIPINO CHILDREN line. Period. Habla?

    2. Anonymous says:

      Butthurt = new favorite coined term of geniune FAGS

  16. Anonymous says:

    Notice the angry once have terrible grammar. Obviously didnt get the context of the joke.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Sorry, I’m not nerdy enough to laugh with you.

    2. Anonymous says:

      like you, the angry ONCE, wow good grammar. Duh.

  17. Anonymous says:

    She has a point! Of course they should use Filipino children as test subjects. They’re so onion-skinned and over-sensitive. If it doesn’t bother them, then it’s probably harmless.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hahaha! Very true! Highly hypo allergenic 🙂

    2. runawayprincess says:

      Say whatever you want to say hypocrite. Well, at least we are sensitive which means we care about our own race and other people’s emotion. We aren’t robots.

    3. runawayprincess says:

      Please stop criticizing us. Have you read our history? I understand that a lot of us,including me, are sensitive especially when it comes to these issues. If you read our history you will understand.

    4. Anonymous says:

      We understand that you’re a nerdy ‘zombie’. It’s okay, your tasteless coined words sound garbage to us. At least, we are not faggots and nerdy heartless brainiacs like the perfect example of you.

    5. Anonymous says:

      fuel the fire and call it over sensitive. too smart huh

  18. PMD says:

    Of course they should use Filipino children as test subjects. They’re so onion-skinned and over-sensitive. If it doesn’t bother them, then it’s probably harmless.

    1. Anonymous says:

      making a point, through spamming accounts

  19. Macky Go says:

    REALLY, she’s an actress? My god she is VERY UGLY! I want that fuckin ugly actress to go to the Philippines and I will let her eat the products she is promoting.

    In the Philippines, we don’t test our products on our shoes, we use Britons to clean our shoes!

    1. Anonymous says:

      I think you’re too butthurt. Keep calm and carry on.

      1. KOGANE_is_FUGLY says:

        and i think you look like a butt! Fugly moron!

      2. Anonymous says:

        the classic original “KEEP CALM” BS british trash

      3. Anonymous says:

        sa amin ikaw, ULOL, bading na kabayo

      4. Anonymous says:


  20. malcolm conlan says:

    I have very carefully read all of the arguments here and I am not asking anyone here to agree with me, but feel I have the right to also contribute to this discussion. My children are Filipino, maybe without even realising, Katherine has insulted my children and my wider family in my opinon.

    I have been actively involved with the Filipino community for over 20 years, Filipino’s are often made the butt of jokes as they are very sadly seen as an easy target, some Pinoy’s are quick to protest in words only but not always with actions. Swearing and making even death threats to Katherine will not help really!

    The BBC is also responsible, they had the choice whether to broadcast the section or not, they could have edited it out. I fully understand the context of the sketch, but do not agree that she should have made any references to Filipino’s, children or indeed any race at all!!! Bad joke, not funny and in my opinion racist!

    I have arranged a protest outside the offices of the BBC, please allow this to be posted here, maraming salamat po

    1. CARLOS says:

      Forget the protest. You are only making yourself look stupid for protesting against something that is based on truth. We will only look like airheads to the rest of the world for it.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I am for the protest. BBC obviously needs to be lectured. Do we dare say anything bad about their children. No we don’t do that, Nobody does that. I don’t know Carlos if you have kids, but this is so low and no parent allows bad things said to their kids no matter how poor the kids are.

      2. Anonymous says:

        CARLOS doesn’t have kids, coz he’s a rabid FAG.

      1. Anonymous says:

        FAG FB admin

    2. runawayprincess says:

      I am so proud of you po whoever you are.

      1. Anonymous says:


    3. Anonymous says:

      why use FILIPINOS? How about if she used CANADA? can somebody explained it ?

      1. Anonymous says:

        mga pinoy kasi, igihan natin mag-aral ng spelling at grammar para hindi tayo iniinsulto ng ganyan. tang ina nila. IMO

    4. Anonymous says:

      Finally, may nakaisip ng maayos na solusion.

  21. crix rodriguez says:

    get loss… no brain idiot

  22. Anonymous says:

    God Bless her Spirit…

  23. Anonymous says:

    why the hell use filipino, why not use canadian or british children…am sure, bbc will be in a shit again….

    1. Naypi Likato says:

      Try Arab Children. Who knows, i could be a Filipino Muslim? Better watch her head.

      1. Anonymous says:

        that’s it 😀

  24. Anonymous says:

    Two words, ladies and gents: ACCEPTABLE. TARGETS.

    You want to stop being targets, stop acting like righteous pricks everytime you people are made the butt of a joke. Straighten up, have some dignity and learn to take it on the chin, like pretty much EVERYBODY ELSE in the world.

    You are neither exceptional, nor special. Either live with it, or change it.

    1. runawayprincess says:

      So if someone tells a bad joke about your family you won’t get hurt?… Okay, yeah, acceptable. 😛

      1. Anonymous says:

        I wouldn’t, because it’s a JOKE. A humorous statement, remark or anecdote intended for comedic purposes. Especially if my family had done anything to deserve it, absolutely I would find it amusing. Mildly insensitive, yes. Amusing nonetheless.

    2. Anonymous says:

      yes, be MANHID like you. I shall receive my reward when i cull your neck.

      1. Anonymous says:

        And what does threatening me prove? Absolutely nothing.

  25. Malcolm Conlan says:

    Jokes are supposed to be funny, this was not. It is insulting to the Filipino people, children and in fact the Philippines. I am not filipino, I am British and I have filipino children. This do called comedienne just insulted them and I expect an apology!

    1. Naypi Likato says:

      Will we stop we we don’t have an apology?

    2. chmonologue says:

      Being offended doesn’t guarantee you an apology. This kind of self-entitlement is making this whole generation screwed.

      1. Anonymous says:

        here’s mr. NERDY again. yes, don’t expect apology, GET EVEN.

  26. Aloco says:

    She doesn’t look like a comedienne, she looks like a duck with a big and stinky mouth!!!

  27. CARLOS says:

    We should shut up and stop complaining about Ryan’s joke. Because what she talked about is based on truth anyway – Filipino children are among the more abused in the world, and little is being done about it. Our culture probably even supports it. And Filipinos have the audacity to say, “no one has the right to offend us.” Ang yabang. Airheadedness. That would only make us hypocrites.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Carlos, I don’t know how you were brought up but you obviously weren’t thought well by your parents. Abuse is not tolerable no matter how small. You said “Our culture probably support it” What are you smoking????????

      1. CARLOS says:

        Ask the parents in Bagong Silang or other poor places who likely prostitute their kids for money.

      2. Anonymous says:

        In a culture where we call Indians as “bumbay” while uttering “dibidi-dibidi” and Chinese as “tsekwa”, who is racist now?

        here, have some

      3. chmonologue says:

        You say abuse is not tolerable how small. But abuse runs this whole country, and not just physically. Traffic enforcers and policemen abuse their position, politicians abuse the simple-mindedness of the masses, companies abuse the working man, but you probably bat an eye and ignore all of this.

        You make light of the word abuse and simplify it to physical abuse. You abuse the word “abuse” itself, removing its true meaning.

        Tell me, the next time a traffic enforcer catches you, do you give him 500 pesos or do you allow him to ticket you? I bet you would just give the kotong, that’s the norm, everybody does that…and guess what, both of you are abusing, one the position someone have, and the other the power you hold because of money.

      4. Anonymous says:

        chmonologue, classic example of a nerdy, no hands on ‘dude’. parang nakita na lahat sa buhay na ito. na-generalize na lahat. baka sa ganyan ka lumaki, wag mong lahatin.

    2. runawayprincess says:

      Masakit po yung comment ng iba. Kung totoong Pilipino ka, masasaktan ka. Pero, since a lot of Filipinos are literate and kind-hearted,cge… kutya lng kutya.. ganun po ba?

      1. Anonymous says:

        the only princess that makes sense

    3. Anonymous says:

      TANGA, ginamit mo “Filipino” children. LAHAT yon. sabihin mo na lang squatter children. nag-iisip ka ba?

  28. Malcolm Conlan says:

    That’s your opinion with respect. This woman did not need to mention any race in a derogatory manner, in my opinion it’s racist. I will not tolerate racism sorry

    1. Anonymous says:

      EXACTO. WHY the hell does these 1/8 Filipinos keep justifying the mockery?

  29. Marsha says:

    How dare you! I think this person and the rest of the crew who are responsible for insulting Filipino children should register themselves as “child offender”. They are sick and have no rights to go near children at all. This is a form of abuse or threat to Filipino children. People who are responsible to air fhis whether its a joke or not needs to get sack and get the ultimate punishment….imprisonment and “karma”.

    1. Naypi Likato says:

      Is she equating Filipino Children to Animals? She should apologize

      1. kangkong says:

        NO! She is equating Filipino kids to be far stronger than the Animals
        they used in testing their products

        MEANING. Filipino kids are tough!. because they Brits
        can test on Filipino kids w/o them probably dying. unlike their weakling animals.
        and they wont probably testing their products on themselves

        Because Filipino kids can handle anything. THATS THE JOKE.

        MGA BOBO.

        Yet Filipinos enjoy calling Chinese people insekto
        Yet Filipinos enjoy calling Indians putok
        Yet Filipinos enjoy calling Arabs putok shawarma
        And calling names on other nationalities


      2. Anonymous says:

        Kangkong, nilalahat mo ang Filipino, dito sa amin, ni minsan hindi ko narinig yan. IKAW ANG BOBO, kung may joke na ganyan sa inyo, sa Fil TV wala, BOBO ka pala, ikaw na!!

      3. Anonymous says:

        sa totoo lang yang si kangkong FIL-CHINESE talaga na niloko,naluge kaya dito nagkakalat ng himutok.

  30. silhouetteposh says:

    It was just a joke. We’re just being sensitive because sometimes things that has been said is the ugly truth. Stop overreacting! Instead let’s make a way to change what other nation perceive of us.

    1. Naypi Likato says:

      Why can’t you be sensitive to other people being sensitive sore loser?

      1. kangkong says:

        Overly sensitive

        But you can call Indians. putok bumbay and Arabs
        Putok shawarma.


    2. Naypi Likato says:

      We don’t get paid to shut our mouths up.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Its not funny. Was it funny to you? If I say, we don’t test the rat in your house with our products, we will test it on you. Is it funny to you?

      1. kangkong says:

        Its funny. ulol! I find this funny

        Because the PUNCHLINE is that

        Filipino KIDS are harder, tougher, more beastly stronger than the
        ANIMALS that they use to test their products.

        Yun ang punchline. Pero pag kayo nagjojoke ng Putok bumbay?
        Putok shawarma sa mga Indian at Arabo?

        Ano? Ano?? dapat nga matagal na tayong pinatay ng mga yon
        Eh pag tinatawag nyong insekto ang mga Chinese?

        Masyado kayong conceited. mga sira ulo.

      2. Anonymous says:

        TANGANG Kangkong, baka joke lang yan mga yan sa palengke nyo. Binaliktad mo pa punchline? gawa gawa mo pa. ikaw ang SIRA ULO, imagination punchline, IKAW NA!!

    4. Anonymous says:

      ITS JUST A JOKE, LET’S TEST THESE DRUGS ON SILHOUETTEPOSH. basic point: don’t use words like that FILIPINO CHILDREN in context or not on TV. gets? Claro? Habla?

    5. Anonymous says:

      ugly truth? maybe to you. I’ll never let this talk happen to my kid. Perception of others is more important to you than what’s really true, PLASTIC.

  31. Raina says:

    Grabe ang Filipino netizens mag-bully! We as a nation should be banned from the global community if we can’t handle satire, criticisms or commentaries from foreigners. Palawakin ang isipan!

    1. Naypi Likato says:

      Stop being domicile. Time to stand up to your thoughts and not being Sucked In.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Is your palawakin ang isipan means, its ok to insult your kids? Well, you were drop as a kid and left your brain where your mom dropped you. Please go find it.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Hindi niya ininsulto ang kids ko kasi di naman totoo. Hindi kasi ako insecure. AT NAIINTINDIHAN KO ANG JOKE.

        Ang babaw ng galit nating mga Pinoy. Dapat nagagalit tayo sa mga incestuous fathers, sa mga rapists, sa mga gang na ginagamit ang mga bata sa white slavery, sa mga abusers ganon! Sa totoong dangers ng society!

        Ask yourselves, ano na bang nagawa kong konkreto para makatulong sa mga batang Pilipino? Other than posting nonsense comments here? Kung doon ide-deflect ang energy at hatred ng mga Pinoy, baka mas may magawa pa tayo para sa mga kabataan natin.

      2. Raina says:

        First, you were dropped, not drop, as a kid. See who’s got no brain.

        Hindi nya ininsulto ang kids ko kasi alam ko naman na hindi totoo. AT NAIINTINDIHAN KO ANG JOKE.

        Ang babaw ng galit natin! Dapat doon tayo nagagalit sa mga rapists, sa mga incestuous fathers, sa abusers, sa mga gangs na ginagamit ang mga bata sa white slavery. They are the real dangers to our society! If we use our energy and hatred wisely, baka mas makatulong pa tayo sa kabataan natin.

      3. kangkong says:

        Anong insult kids? Halatang ambabaw ng humor mo

        Tingann mo ung punchline. we dont test our products on Animals
        Dahil hanep sa tibay ang mga batang hamog.

        Pusta ako di mo parin gets

      4. Anonymous says:

        it just says animal testing is bad, but human testing is worse. Go home, you’re butthurt

        there, have more butthurt

      5. Anonymous says:

        KANGKONG bayaran ng BRITON, gagawa gawa ng PUNCH LINE imahinasyon, basurang utak kombinasyon.

      6. Anonymous says:

        RAINA, hindi kailangan lahat RIGHT spelling para maintindihan mo. Duh, mga nerds.

      1. Anonymous says:


  32. Naypi Likato says:

    She shouldn’t go to any countries filipinos are in, that’s probably any country.

    1. Naypi Likato says:

      Where is UNICEF here?

    2. Naypi Likato says:

      How do you know you haven’t offended Filipino Muslims in any country you go to?

      1. Anonymous says:

        lagot siya.

  33. Naypi Likato says:

    They feel intolerant with the symbol of the Cross… We feel intolerant with what she actually said on National TV.. there is a difference. Please Apologize.

  34. Naypi Likato says:

    I don’t get it, Children use Cosmetics? Duh?

    1. Malcolm Conlan says:

      Again that’s not the issue. When you test any product first you do so on an animal in case the product is dangerous? So Kathrine mentioned filipino children in the same sentence as animals? Do Pinoys accept this? Really?

      1. Anonymous says:

        NO, no, never.. Pinoy here. Up this forum there’s a bunch of crazies, KATHERINE RYAN FANS.

  35. Anonymous says:

    She looks like a horse, that’s why they don’t want to test on her (animal) 🙂

    1. Anonymous says:


  36. Anonymous says:

    If it is a joke……. white monkey like you don”t wear make up JOKE ONLY

  37. Angela Esponilla says:

    Katherine Ryan has no brain. She must be used and her children as experiment for bomb test. Animals are more valuable than her.

  38. Maimai Forthy says:

    you know what Ethan fuck yourself and get lost….though I am half Filipino, i am proud to be one that’s why i’m not affected of anything that your bullshit mouth says, but i want you to say thank u for visiting our country, maybe you’ve been here before that’s why you’re so smart of saying that we’re stupid, ugly,and addict, but i really do wish that i could see you so that i’ll see if you’re a very intelligent, not drug addict or a thief…

      1. Anonymous says:

        spammer BUTTHURT Phils, so scared, hidden details. baka ikaw ang “butthurt”, pang- BADING lang yan.

  39. Skeezzix says:

    I actually twitted her when Kat de Castro (@KatDeCastro) also sent her reaction that she took offense of the joke by the Canadian comedienne. Katherine Ryan said that it was not her intention to make a joke on children, much less on Filipino children whom she described as ADORABLE. She was hitting on child exploitation. I guess it was just too bad that at that very moment she could only think of Filipino children so I figured she really meant to hit on Filipino child exploitation not on the general child exploitation issue. Because as many of you suggested, she could have just said “we test on children, instead”, right?

    I said in my twit that I do understand both her and Kat de Castro and that perhaps to be fair, next time, why not use a different race instead, I said, why not say, Afghan children or in fact, don’t even use third world, say Japanese children. Then we see what the reactions and comments will be. If there will be none, then I guess it proves the point that Filipinos really lack the “satire gene” as someone pointed out recently. In other words, talagang pikon lang ang mga pinoy.

    Lastly, a question for all. When exactly is a joke just a joke? Remember the Vice Ganda brouhaha over his/her rape and overweight jokes pointed out on broadcast journalist Jessica Soho. And when is a joke already a racist or an insensitive joke? By the way, you may want to check these articles too. To those who are saying that it is only Filipinos who (over)react to jokes should understand that reacting because of an offense whether real or imagined to someone’s sense and sensibilities is not a monopoly by Filipinos only.

    1. Malcolm Conlan says:

      Whatever the reasons where behind what she said, either intentionally or unintentionally she has offended people. You’re right, why did she say filipino in the first place? I will tell you why because very sadly, Filipinos are sometimes seen as an easy target.

      Well I understand satire, comedy etc. I am not even filipino and I was offended that she drew attention to race at all. She certainly wouldn’t have mentioned a religion?

      I organised a protest last week asking for a simple apology, still no apology, I have started a petition which anyone is welcome to sign. The BBC sent a half apology which is not good enough!

    2. Anonymous says:

      She had no time to explain there. What’s said is done. Say what you mean, mean what you say. All these justifications are trash.

    3. Anonymous says:

      fueling the hurt of the “Satire” BS doesn’t help the people who’s already hurt. Life is not as easy as with the commenters. Fil’s who hurt will do anything, to make you understand how they hurt, up to physical.

    4. Anonymous says:

      the fruit of the mouth is the root of the heart. SHE WOULD HAVE NEVER SAID it if she NEVER thought of it.

  40. Anonymous says:

    horse face test it on your self

  41. jojo hipolito says:

    her comment was spontaneous thus, it is how she really sees Filipinos. i gave it some thought, in the end i still find it offensive.

    1. Anonymous says:

      the fruit of the mouth is the root of the heart. SHE WOULD HAVE NEVER SAID it if she NEVER thought of it.

  42. Anonymous says:

    That Fucking Ethan is a racist as well. same like Katherine Ryan…

      1. Anonymous says:


    1. ETHAN_is_FUGLY says:

      I Agree.. Maybe he’s as Fugly as that Katherine Bitch!

    2. Anonymous says:

      Ethan is Katherine Ryan’s Fan, and a BBC rat. along with BUTTHURT Facebook spammer here ^

  43. kangkong says:



    Make Filipino kid eat pagpag and his stomach is fine
    try that on a Brit the kid would die

    Mga ulol! YUN UNG JOKE

    1. Anonymous says:


    2. Anonymous says:

      PROBABLY, your good invention of imagination. Wanna be smart.

  44. kangkong says:

    Yeah this cant pass yet

    Chinese as INSEKTO
    Indians as PUTOK BUMBAY

    IS THAT FILIPINO KIDS. ” Can take anything ” and not die in tests

    Because Filipino kids are stronger than any beast you can find


    1. Anonymous says:


  45. kangkong says:


    UPDATE: Responding to a query from The Filipino Scribe, Katherine Ryan said via Twitter (@Kathbum): ”If you’d watched the whole show instead of reacting to a still shot out of context, you might feel that I was criticizing the EXPLOITATION of children. The joke is never, ever ON children. Watch the show.”

    She also stressed that the two-minute long clip of the episode that’s uploaded on YouTube does not encapsulate the full nature and tone of the program. This should make us ask ourselvs: are we overreacting again, similar to what happened during that Lucy Liu brouhaha a few months ago?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Low iQ, of course, it’s not literally meant or being done on Filipino Kids. THE issue here is the word usage. King DUMB head.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Really… Everyone has their own opinions. Stop trying to shame people who think this is offensive because its their opinion. Besides, since when were racist jokes ever funny? You can get shot for cracking a racist joke from where I live. Honestly, she did not need to specify a race. Racist jokes should not be encouraged or laughed at but look at what is being said here. People are snapping at those who were offended as if saying that they should tolerate it. This is why this world is deemed hopeless. All I can say is that she made a huge mistake in specifying the race of the children for a joke. I say it’s rather insensitive and inconsiderate of her but oh well. What’s done is done.

      1. Anonymous says:

        one more BUTTHURT facebook spammer here ^

  47. CARLOS says:

    Good heavens, some Filipinos actually believe that Ryan actually meant the Filipinos were being used in experiments? Stupid, stupid. The joke meant that using animals in experimentation is bad, using Filipino children is worse! That she used it in this joke means she is actually against child abuse in the Philippines. How stupid that people cannot get it.

    And Filipinos should never believe that they should be exempt from being subjects of jokes. Why, are they royalty that they deserve the utmost respect from the world? That is stupid. We even deserve to be the butt of jokes because of the wrong examples displayed by our people, from the government to the bad behavior of our people.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I agree, if you really gonna think about it she really care for Filipino Children.. because she does not want Filipino Children to be used for cosmetic testing..

    2. runawayprincess says:

      May point ka. Filipino ka ba?…

    3. Anonymous says:

      GOOD HEAVENS, ANG TAAS NG TINGIN MO SA SARILI MO AT TINGIN MO SA KAPWA MO RETARDED NA KATULAD MO. Well, sino ba nag-isip na ginamit mga batang pinoy sa experiments? GUMISING ka nga, TANG-A ka, nang-iinsulto puti sa mga batang PINOY on intl TV. NOBODY told you or expects Fils to be exempt from jokes. NO TALK at all, dito sa amin, sabog na ULO mo. Try mo yan sa UAE or elsewhere. PURO KAYO BUTT, BADING KA yata, ADMIN ka ng Butthurt FB page no?

    4. Anonymous says:

      Low iQ, of course, it’s not literally meant or being done on Filipino Kids. THE issue here is the word usage. King DUMB head

  48. Anonymous says:

    Don’t ever ever use other nation as subject of your funny dirty jokes.. You didn’t know that your hearting people’s feeling… What do you think again? Your superior! Bitch!!! If your country attack by terrorist you will gonna ask again….. WHY???!!…..

  49. I Am A Filipino and I'm Proud of It! says:

    Why put a ‘Filipino’ on it, when you can just say/said, ‘children’?

    1. Anonymous says:

      wala ka namang pakialam sa mga bata. youre actually just offended kasi nasabing “Filipino”? kunwari pang humanitarian tong mga toh. yung pride lang pala na wala sa lugar yung nagpa-ibabaw!

      1. ETHAN_is_FUGLY says:

        oh.. dont be so judgmental Anonymous bullshit! just shut the fuck up! you talk too much!

      2. Anonymous says:

        HOY tanga, may anak ako, at siguro may anak yan, kaya ikaw BADING/LESBIAN, wala ako paki kung BOBO ka, Filipino Children ang sabi. Wag ka mag-tanga-tangahan.

      3. Anonymous says:

        Low iQ, of course, it’s not literally meant or being done on Filipino Kids. THE issue here is the word usage. King DUMB head

  50. Ginger says:

    As if they do test it on Filipino Children. Cmon guys it’s a joke. I know it’s not funny but why would you take a joke on a literal level? As if you didn’t joke about other race too. Stop being over sensitive

    1. Anonymous says:

      we’re not over sensitive. SOME people never try to understand.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Low iQ, of course, it’s not literally meant or being done on Filipino Kids. THE issue here is the word usage. King DUMB head

  51. Anonymous says:

    Jeez, Pinoys. If you continue to rage loudly at even the SLIGHTEST joke about Filipinos, I assure you the number of Filipino jokes are only gonna RISE in the long run. And they’ll go from minor ribbing to full-blown punches.

    1. Anonymous says:

      It just proves how hopeless the “master race” is… they’re forever butthurt

      1. Anonymous says:

        the GAY FAG bitch’s favorite word “B_ _ t H _ r t ” You’re the winner!

    2. runawayprincess says:

      Good thing Pinoys are smart. 😛

    3. Anonymous says:

      yes, like your full-BLOWN JOB of a page of FAG “butt hurt”edness

      1. Anonymous says:

        that fag’s page is a coward racist facebook gay page

  52. Liz says:

    True .. It’s not funny . But she doesn’t mean
    No harm.. Besides Filipinos do the same about other race .. She’s probably learnt her lesson with Filipinos I’m sure she won’t mention Filipinos in her there show

  53. kangkong says:

    Filipinos joke on other nationalities too
    so you guys better shut the fuck up.

    Not to mention how you call the Japanese , Chinese and Koreans as Mongoloids
    with intention of insult

    Filipinos did more insults to many other nationalities like making fun of how Thais and Vietnamese talk like Tagalog is such a beautiful language that we can boast our English skills in a country where English is not even taught.

    1. Anonymous says:

      TANGA, pinoy ka din, kaya yan lang ang alam mo, alam mo ba mga joke ng germans, russians, irish sa pinoy? NAGMAMARUNONG na GAY Lord. Puro sawsaw topic pa.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Yan ang turo sa pamilya mo

  54. Anonymous says:

    hahahahhaha nakakatawa ang mga pinoy dito! walang sense of humor! you can’t make fun of pinoys because they get all violent and grabeh manginsulto and start throwing insults at other nationalities. tinatawag nyo syang kabayo eh kung kayo tawagin na ipis, halos puputok na ang ulo nyo sa galit. kung matalo sa kahit anong international competition, dinaya daw agad, binayaran daw, favoritism daw. we are a nation of sore losers! kaya naman siguro hindi umaasenso yung bayan natin kasi puro lang salita walang gawa. madali lang magalit kung may masabing negative tungkol sa atin sa mundo. di nyo ba naiisip na baka kaya nasasabi yan eh dahil totoo at baka dapat natin hanapan ng solusyon kaysa magaway-away kayo dito sa net, walang patutunguhan yan!!! magwala man kayo dito, kung di nyo man subukan lutasin ang problema, walang mababago!

    yung racist jokes hindi na yan mawawala kasi globalized world na nga tayo eh. pero di nyo yata naiintindihan yon. yung ibang mga nationalidad natutotong makasabay yung iba and their kind of humor. yung pride nyo misplaced!

    1. ETHAN_is_FUGLY says:

      you talk too much dude! why not use you for that experiment?!

      1. Anonymous says:

        violent daw, eh, saksakin kaya natin sya? JOKE JOKE JOKE

    2. Anonymous says:

      WAlang nag-aaway dito, over sensitive ka, nag-joJOKE lang kami HAHAHHA. PURO GENERALIZATION. Start with your self.

    1. Anonymous says:

      blocked in Phils

  55. Vince Pinto says:

    If it wasn’t offensive, why didn’t she say “Canadian children”? She’s about as funny as a heart attack!

    1. Anonymous says:

      common sense not shared by everyone here.

  56. Edward Garrick Edralin says:

    heard this live.. just a joke… my parents are Filipino and I’ve lived in UK all my life. clearly if you can’t work out how this joke works then you have a different sense of humour (you heard the joke wrong). news flash UK humour is different from US/pinoy humour. . Which you lot are just proving by not debating on the issue and focusing on a stupid joke which will be forgotten in a few weeks. The joke aims to make fun of societies ignorant views on child exploitation in poor countries and this part of the show is called ‘unlikely things to say…..’. ive seen filipino artists come here in the UK and make stupid ignorant jokes about other cultures but I don’t complain cause its a joke and its funny from their point of view because they are making FUN OF THE FILIPINO’s VIEW of that society/culture. The filipino children punch line has been used for ages in a lot of US stand up/shows so i’d suggest you go and attack them too.

    1. remo virginillo says:

      There is no fun if someone is hurt or offended.. where does it end… in your world maybe never,
      so go live there…

      1. Edward Garrick Edralin says:

        Tell me a joke that a subset of the world’s population does not get offended by,,, i can tell you a thousand Filipino jokes said by artists that do so stop being a hypocrite! and go off and do something more productive with your time…you just committed the same action that you accuse this comedian by your reply. generalization, accusation and offence directed at me. i guess that means by your quote your no better. I hate racism in any form and find it hard to be sincere when i see a lot of purely racist comments from Filipinos on forums and youtube, which many can contest by and its bloody embarrassing as its all there for the world to read . Plus as i said before, the American media have been making fun and putting down Filipino culture for years and i don’t hear even a whisper of complaints. So whats the deal? none – cause you clearly didn’t understand the joke – probably didn’t even watch the show and just heard 2 words before a laugh and then got offended..

        So let me believe there are some who will see this for no more than what this is and focus on more pressing matters Filipinos need to be debating on.

    2. remo virginillo says:

      I feel sorry for you Ed if you find this acceptable…

      1. Jacqueline says:

        hey ed,its funny how you find this acceptable? are you a Filipino at all?
        its seems to me that you ridicule our people?are you saying that the Filipinos are stupid?that we cannot read between the lines? she could have mentioned her nationality istead of ours right?

      2. Anonymous says:

        Ed is a brainwashed Brit Citizen now.

      3. Anonymous says:

        You are not a Filipino nerdhead Brit monkey

    3. runawayprincess says:

      Please understand also that you have not lived in the Philippines and you were not raised here. I understood the joke. And it hurts us.

      1. Anonymous says:

        He’s a BRIT, why bother

    4. runawayprincess says:

      What are those American shows?… We have not heard them. Maybe because there were no facebook and twitter pages at that time.

    5. Jacqueline says:

      I think you were bullied a lot in UK,and I think it was hard for you to fit in because u are a Filipino and when finally u were able to blend with the crowd you have all forgotten where u really come from and totally ignore how Filipinos feel about this joke which in reality aimed to focus the show on the ignorance of child exploitation but in the process have used and abused our nationality by mentioning us thru a joke which in fact means that this lady think of the Filipinos as a good candidate for lab rats and tho it was a joke,we all know that jokes are half meant and if she was just so smart she could have just mentioned herself or her nationality in that stupid joke.and so mr edralin if you don’t have anything good to share,just shut up and stop being a critic to the Filipinos,embrace your new nationality but you do not have any right to ridicule nor question the reaction of the true Filipino people to this issue .

      1. Anonymous says:

        Rock on Jacqueline. Ed is NOT a Filipino, now.

    6. Anonymous says:

      Yes, I understand. You’re a TWISTED UK citizen now. KEEP CALM and carry on, my wayward (son). SO TELL YOUR FUCKING BBC NOT TO AIR THAT SHOW GLOBALLY DUMBSHITHEAD. EXCUSES

  57. Anonymous says:

    give a imorality test for the british nation.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Joke nya mukha nya. Hehehe

  59. ETHAN_is_FUGLY says:


  60. Lynette Gerra says:

    what’s with filipino children? why single them out? why not american, chinese, canadian children, etc??

  61. Anonymous says:

    you’re all the same mocking fucks!

  62. Anonymous says:

    I know this is just a joke. But somehow, I couldn’t laugh at this one knowing how serious child abuse is, all over the world. Maybe on some other jokes we can laugh comfortably but not this one.

  63. ida says:

    Children are closest to God’s love and mercy. They need our care and love. Let’s give our respect and treat them well.

  64. Anonymous says:

    That’s why we Filipinos are seen as easy targets because we don’t stand as one! When are your going to act against those who are oppressing us in any way? When it directly affects you and your family? Shame to all of you! Don’t say you are a proud Filipino if you can’t even stand against those who looks down on your race.

      1. Anonymous says:

        that’s fucking stupid….

  65. Jacqueline says:

    why cant she just mention her nationality for her punchline instead of Filipinos?clearly she was mocking the Filipino people.White bitch!Remember that Filipinos are all over the world and we will always remember what u have said.You are not above anyone bitch!

    1. Anonymous says:

      She’s on the KILL list. Joke joke!


    what the fuck??

    butthurting on this??

    that’s why our country is not progressing


  67. Anonymous says:

    This worman looks like a HORSE!

  68. sadbuttrue says:

    it is apparently based on an impression about the sad truth about the state of children in our country.

  69. Anonymous says:

    funy but not too funy

  70. jot says:

    Filipinos are racist. I know because I’m filipino but I look Japanese. Believe me, you are getting a taste of your own medicine. It doesn’t hurt me because I’ve already lived with filipino racism since I was born.

  71. anonymous says:

    The sad thing about the joke is that it isn’t about how filipinos look, it’s more about how filipinos treat each other like trash and wouldn’t even care if their children were used as subjects. They care more about how people portray them on tv or public, then what goes on in real life. You’re getting mad because it makes you look bad, but not because of the children. If you want to get mad, why don’t you get mad at filipinos who mess up the country. The philippines is not only poor like other countries, but it has a culture where no one helps each other out, they just stab each other in the back. You’d be surprised how in other countries, people actually do help each other out. In the philippines, that would be a nonlogical thing to do. However, there are a few that will help, but their hands are full.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Hay mga pinoy talaga…… lahat ng maliit na bagay prinoproblema ayusin kaya muna natin bansa natin… tapos sasabihin pa na parang “filipinos dont treat each other like trash” well look around you gobyerno palang eh….

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