Actress-turned-beauty queen Megan Young bested candidates from 125 countries all over the world to become Miss World 2013. The competition was held in Bali, Indonesia Saturday night (Manila time). Young is the first Filipina to win in the said competition.

During the question-and-answer part, Young was asked why she thinks she deserves to win the Miss World crown. She replied: “The Miss World for me treasures the core values of humanity and a guide to understanding people, why they act the way that they do, the way they live their lives, and I will use these core values and my understanding – not only by helping others but to show other people how they can understand others, so that as one, together, we shall help society. Thank you.”

She gave the response within the 30-second time limit. Aside from Young, candidates from France, Ghana, Brazil, Spain. and Gibraltar made it to the final round, as reposted by GMA News.

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