Obama to visit Philippines on April

United States (US) President Barack Obama will visit the Philippines in late April, the White House said in a statement released early Thursday morning (Manila time). Obama’s Asian itinerary also includes Japan, Malaysia, and South Korea.

The White House noted that the Philippines will be fifth Asian treaty ally Obama will have visited during his presidency.  Obama, according to the statement, will meet with President Aquino “to highlight economic and security cooperation,modernization of the two countries’ defense alliance, efforts to expand economic ties and spark economic growth through the Partnership for Growth, and (strengthening) deep and enduring people-to-people ties.”

As Associated Press reported, Obama was supposed to visit parts of Asia last October but the plan was eventually aborted after the United States government was forced to shutdown its operations when its House of Representatives failed to pass a national budget for over two weeks.

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2 thoughts on “Obama to visit Philippines on April

  1. Subject: Why President Obama should Not visit the Philippines in April

    I ran for US Congress in east Texas (TX-01) in 2006 (the Democratic Nominee) and 2008 (as an Independent) against Louie Gohmert. One of several endorsements was the Libertarian Party in east Texas. After that lose, I moved to the Philippines Jan., 2009.

    I started visiting the Philippines over 24 years ago. I moved here about 5 years ago to the central Luzon area. The level of anti (white) American sediment is off the charts. Where Filipinos are given opportunities and protection in the US, the same is not extended to the ExPat here.

    I made a 45 minute video explaining why President Obama should not visit the Philippines in April. I also make reference to a lot of issues in the US, ( Immigration, Education, the US Embassy in Manila, etc.). Because of the personal safety of my wife and myself, I did not put it on You Tube. Instead I uploaded it onto a cloud storage which I only share with non-Filipino media sources.

    My position is President Obama should not be wasting the American Taxpayer’s Money (or tarnishing the image of Washington DC) on countries like the Philippines.

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