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National Science Club Month 2014 theme – “Immunation”

All educational institutions across the country, from  preschools to tertiary schools, will be celebrating this coming September the National Science Club Month (NSCM).

This is mandated in Proclamation 264, which then-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed in September 2002. Read the full text of Proclamation 264 (2002) in this link.

The theme for this year’s National Science Club Month celebration is “Immunation: Arming Science Clubbers with Healthful Defenses Toward National Wellness.”

national science month 2014 philippines

The theme for the 2014 Science Month in the Philippines is “Immunation” (Credits:

That is according to a post on the official Facebook page of the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs (PSYSC). The group explained the rationale behind the theme as follows:

It is a play on words on ammunition and immunization. We would like our science clubbers to be armed/ to be immune against diseases through imparting knowledge about disease, how they spread, etc. Our goal is not only the science clubbers that benefit from this knowledge but also their school and communities and thus leading to national wellness.

The PSYSC is one of the organizations authorized by Proclamation 264 to implement plans and activities related to the annual celebration of science month. 

Working side-by-side with the PSYSC for this endeavor are the following government agencies: Department of Science and Technology, Department of Education, Commission on Higher Education, and the Science Club Advisers’ Association of the Philippines.





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    2. Jasmin Joy D. Dulay says:

      pls help me in making a slogan theme: Materealize:Synthesizing ideas, extracting knowledge and forgoing science clubbers as agents of innovation.” plsssss

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