The drama surrounding the relationship of Camarines Norte Gov. Edgardo Tallado and his estranged wife Josefina have received national attention in recent days.

The saga began when the governor tearfully announced before the media over the weekend that his wife might have been kidnapped.

That claim was debunked when his wife appeared on the morning show Umagang Kay Ganda not only to say that she wasn’t kidnapped, but also to reveal that her husband has a mistress and that she fled their home fearing for her life.

governor tallado mistress
Photos purportedly showing Camarines Norte Gov. Edgardo Tallado and his alleged mistress 

According to published reports, Governor Tallado confronted his wife Wednesday last week, furiously accusing her of posting photos of him and a 24-year-old woman on Facebook. Those photos are now circulating over the Internet.

Note that these photos were first uploaded by Facebook user “Wang Boo” and was subsequently shared in the group “Anti-Graft and Corruption in the Philippines.”

The Filipino Scribe at this point would like to note two things. First, we deliberately edited the photos above to protect the identity of the woman, an individual who is obviously not a public figure. Second, we opted not to upload here a third photo which shows the two in a far more compromising situation.

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13 thoughts on “Alleged photos of Governor Edgardo Tallado and his mistress surface online

  1. Talagang malupit itong si Egay Tallado, hindi lang isa ang kabit niyan!

    Iba ka talaga Gob isa kang tunay na lalaki!

  2. Anu kaya pangalan nung mistress Ni Gov? Baka pwede tayo mag part time sknya kapag wala si Gov.. hahaha

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