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September 9 2015 declared holiday in Cebu – Sergio Osmena Day

The nation will be commemorating the 137th birth anniversary of Commonwealth-era President Sergio Osmena Sr. this coming September 9, Wednesday.

September 9 is a special non-working holiday in the province of Cebu including all its component cities as mandated by Republic Act (RA) 6953. It is a special working holiday in the rest of the Philippines. RA 6953 was enacted in May 1990 during the time of then-President Corazon Aquino. Click here to read the full text of RA 6953.

Osmena served as governor, House Speaker, and senator prior to being elected Vice President in 1935. He ascended to the presidency in 1944 when Manuel Quezon died of tuberculosis. His tenure ended in 1946 following his loss to Manuel Roxas in that year’s elections.

sergio osmena day 2015

September 9 2015 is a holiday in Cebu in connection to former President Sergio Osmena’s birth anniversary

Osmena, Roxas, and Carlos P. Garcia (1957 to 1961) were the only presidents who came from Visayas. Parenthetically, Mindanao is yet to produce a president.

He is also the first of four vice presidents to succeed a president. The second one was Elpidio Quirino, who took over after Roxas died of heart attack in 1948. Then there’s Carlos P. Garcia who became president after Ramon Magsaysay was killed during a plane crash in 1957.

The most recent one happened in 2001 after Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was sworn in as president when the Supreme Court decided that Joseph Estrada can no longer govern the country in the face of .




3 thoughts on “September 9 2015 declared holiday in Cebu – Sergio Osmena Day”

  1. Bigwas says:

    No President from Mindanao yet, wait until Duterte decides to run for president and we will have a President from Mindanao.

    1. John says:

      fuck you ka.

    2. Mark Madrona says:

      Naku too bad he already decided not to run. 🙁

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