Time for Filipino LGBT groups to set aside divisions and unite for a common purpose

Time for Filipino LGBT groups to set aside divisions and unite for a common purpose

By: Beki Morales

I could still remember when I have attended my first LGBT forum on equality in Quezon City. During those days I’m still inside the closet but I eventually came out after participating at the Metro Manila Pride March.

As an activist, I have seen the many faces of the issues and struggle that we are facing, recently the world of social media has been rocked by the anti gay slur of Manny Pacquiao which gave the LGBT Community a  trending spotlight. But now that we are facing these issues in the Philippines, it’s about time for us to succeed in the LGBT Agenda here are some of suggestions that I think we should do:

#1 “Create an LGBT Core group  or Alliance that is going to focus on the unification of the Community and LGBT Agenda “

–       I have been with the different LGBT groups for the past decade And one thing I have noticed is that there is a problem as regards unity and cooperation among them. Some are just doing their own stunt without even consulting other groups that are being left behind with the struggle for equal rights in the Philippines. If there would be a core group that would stand out to unite and coordinate with all the groups in the Philippines, I believe that we could really achieve equality in this country.

Filipino LGBT community
The Filipino LGBT community must unite once and for all to achieve their goals. (Photo taken from Quezon City Pride March Facebook page)

#2 “ Leave behind your personal issues and rivalry with other individuals or groups for the benefit of the LGBT Community “

–       Through years of my involvement in activism, I have witnessed several rivalries and nasty politics which hinders the community in being productive and successful in pushing for the LGBT Agenda. Its about time to bury the hatchet and move on from our issues so that we could unite once and for all.

#3 “ We should also focus on our straight allies“

–       Our straight allies are effective influencers on other people when it comes to raising the awareness on equality. During the intensity of the “masahol pa sa hayop“ issue, there are many straights in the entertainment industry and politics that have publicly condemned the homophobic statement and this is a milestone for us because for the past years LGBT is still a taboo topic that most celebrities and public figure won’t even bother to comment.

#4 “Strike while the iron is hot “

–       Compared to the previous elections, the LGBT topics are now being included in the debates, forum and political speeches which means that now is the time for us to work hard and unite to achieve equality in the Philippines. Let us all build a momentum and  take advantage of this moment.


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