The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) last week granted The Filipino Scribe accreditation to cover the various activities related to the May 9, 2016 national and local elections.

Because of the accreditation, TFS was able to monitor the conduct of the elections at the Corazon Aquino Elementary School in Quezon City and the Ramon Magsaysay High School in Manila. It can also cover the upcoming proclamation of winning senators at the Philippine International Convention Center, which can happen perhaps as soon as this weekend.

While those working for major news outlets have no problems obtaining media accreditation, the process is tougher for freelance journalists and bloggers. Apart from accomplishing the application form, bloggers must also meet the following requirements as stipulated in COMELEC Resolution #10073:

  1. Submit the URL of the online publication or blog showing the applicant’s name or listing the applicant as part of the reporting team for that site;
  2. Submit a copy of regular online articles or blogs related to the topic of politics, elections, governance or other related topics, by-lined or published on the applicant’s or similar online sites or blogs in the last six months;
  3. The website or online publication should be updated at least once per week with contents which are original, dated and extend beyond links and forums;

    comelec media accreditation
    COMELEC has granted media accreditation for The Filipino Scribe
  4. No personal websites, fan sites, forums and sites containing personal diaries will be eligible for accreditation. Only website editors and writers shall qualify for accreditation; and
  5. Blogs must also be well established, updated at least once every two weeks, contain content on politics, elections, or related topics, and show an acceptable level of readership. Commercial or company blogs do not meet the criteria for press accreditation.

Securing accreditation from the COMELEC to cover the 2016 national and local elections is a big testament to the credibility that The Filipino Scribe has nurtured since it was established in 2011. (By the way, I was granted media accreditation to cover the 2013 midterm elections as part of the online news site Vera Files).

On a more personal note, I’d like to thank the readers of TFS for reading the dozens of election-related news and commentary articles published here, all filed under the category #BotongPinoy2016. I may not be able to know all of you personally but I want to tell you that you’re my inspiration to continue doing this. 🙂

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