FLY BY NIGHT | Everyone says they are K plus 12 ready, but nobody is

FLY BY NIGHT | Everyone says they are K plus 12 ready, but nobody is

Ever since the passage of Republic Act 10533 and the subsequent introduction of the K plus 12 education system, many schools have popped out all over the country claiming in their advertisements that they are K plus 12 ready.

That’s a rather silly promotional scheme knowing that even the Department of Education itself is still coming to terms with the fluidity of the situation. For example, textbooks are still lacking while teaching posts are slow to be filled.

Those who will take even a cursory look at these newly-established schools will see that a lot of them are essentially fly-by-night in nature. This can be apparent in schools where teachers are underpaid and/or unqualified and those with facilities that are essentially useless.

Corazon Aquino High School Manila
Students at Corazon Aquino High School Manila during the school opening last June 5 (Credits: Department of Education Facebook page)

After all, anyone with big money can now put up a school somewhere and have it accredited by corrupt government authorities. In the end, the one who’ll be on the losing side because of these diploma mills are the students and their parents. Wala nang natutunan, naperahan pa! Ideally, those who plan to put up an educational institution must have been teachers themselves first and foremost. How can they understand an industry if they do not have a deep understanding of how it goes?

Secondly, they must have a definite mission and vision for their institution. What exactly will be the school’s mantra? How will its future graduates stand out from the products of other schools? How much leeway will the teachers have in handling their respective classes? Unless these things have been thought out thoroughly, an educational institution will be like a blind chicken – wandering around aimlessly without any idea of where to go.

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