CBCP tags ThinkingPinoy, 28 others as fake news sites

CBCP tags ThinkingPinoy, 28 others as fake news sites

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has joined media organizations and concerned netizens in declaring war against fake news websites.

In a pastoral letter dated June 21, CBCP President and current Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas appealed on Filipinos to stop sharing and patronizing identified sources of “alternative facts” or “fake news.”

“Crucial decisions — personal and social — depend on the accurate grasp of facts. Sadly, there are persons who have given themselves to the service of reporting what never happened, concealing what really happened, and distorting what should be presented in a straightforward manner,” Villegas wrote.

The release of the pastoral letter comes five months after CBCP released guidelines on how prelates can effectively use social media for evangelical purposes. It included a partial list of websites and blogs that regularly publish false information. The list includes Definitely Filipino (where this writer used to contribute stories years ago), Get Real Philippines, and Thinking Pinoy.

CBCP fake news websites
The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines has come out swinging against fake news websites (Credits: www.CBCPNews.net)

Classified Trends – http://www.classifiedtrends.net/
Definitely Filipino – http://definitelyfilipino.com/
Duterte News Info – http://www.du30newsinfo.com/
Extreme Readers – http://www.extremereaders.com/
FilipiNews PH – http://www.filipinewsph.com/
Get Real Philippines – http://www.getrealphilippines.com/
Guard1an – https://theguard1an.com/
Kalye Pinoy – http://www.kalyepinoy.com/
Leak News PH – http://www.leaknewsph.com/
Media ni Duterte – http://www.dutertedefender.com/
Minda Nation – http://mindanation.com/
Netizens PH – http://www.netizensph.com/
News Media PH – http://www.newsmediaph.com/
News Titans – http://www.newstitans.com/
OKD2 – http://okd2.com/
Pinoy Freedom Wall – http://www.pinoyfreedomwall.com/
Pinoy Trending – http://pinoytrending.altervista.org/
Pinoy Trending News – http://pinoytrendingnews.net/
Pinoy Viral Issues – http://www.pinoyviralissues.net/
Pinoy Viral News – http://pinoyviralnews.com/
PinoyWorld – http://www.pinoyworld.net/
Public Trending – http://www.publictrending.net/
SocialNewsPH – http://www.socialnewsph.com/
TahoNews – http://www.tahonews.com/
TheVolatilian – http://www.thevolatilian.com/
Thinking Pinoy – http://www.thinkingpinoy.net/
TrendingBalita – http://www.trendingbalita.info/
Trending News Portal – http://www.trendingnewsportal.net.ph/
TrendTitan – http://trendtitan.com/

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