President Rodrigo Duterte delivered his second State of the Nation Address or SONA earlier today, July 24. The speech went on for almost exactly two hours, covering various topics like his War on Drugs, the fight against terrorism, his support for stronger regulations on mining, the implementation of the reproductive health bill, tax reform, among others.

Just like in his usual public remarks, Duterte’s two hour report to the nation reportedly deviated significantly from what his aides prepared and distributed in advance to the media. It was vintage Duterte in full display, with his speech featuring harsh attacks on his local and international critics and heavy use of profanities.

full text Duterte 2017 state of the nation address
(Photo credits: Facebook page of Presidential Communications Office)

The Malacanang’s Presidential Communications Office is yet to release a full transcript of this year’s SONA. It will understandably take time, because it appears that much of what Duterte said was impromptu. Not to mention the fact that they will have to distribute a “clean” version of the speech. For now, you can refer to this earlier post in The Filipino Scribe for a running diary of the 2017 SONA.




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