Winning the pest battle inside your home

Winning the pest battle inside your home

Common household pests are a nuisance. In order to fight them, you can either do some do-it-yourself pest control methods or you can call professionals. It all depends on the pests that have infested your home and the extent of their damage.

Before you go and try removing them yourself, you must first understand the danger they pose and how you should properly deal with them.


In the United States, termites are the most destructive pests out there; causing an average of $7000 to 8000 worth of damage to every infested home. The worst part is, most house insurance policies do not cover extensive damage due to termites. This is why you must get rid of these creatures right away.

To do this, you must use either of the following methods:

  1. Baiting: The use of pesticide gel that can eliminate the entire colony.
  2. Traditional: Injecting a liquid termite product in the soil of your home to create a protective barrier.
  3. Fumigation: Best for dry wood termites and involves the use of pesticide gases.


Mice are able to be active all year because their warm bodies help them cope with weather changes. Because of their sharp teeth, they always bite and chew furniture and food packaging while in search of something to eat.

To handle this problem, you can start with the simple solution of buying mouse traps and baits. But the long-term solution is the home improvement; this means sealing all gaps and cracks and repairing damaged roof tiles.

winning the pest battle inside your home
How can you win the battle against pests inside your house?


These creatures are just like mice; they love to live in walls. However, they particularly like to stay in kitchen walls and cabinets. This is so that, when night comes, they can come out and munch on any food that isn’t properly sealed. While they’re at it, they’ll spread disease on the leftovers and counter tops.

When there is an infestation of roaches, there is no other choice but to call a professional. However, even before that happens, homeowners can already take preventive measures. Basically, this involves better daily practices on your part:

  • Food must always be sealed and thrown properly.
  • Pet food and drinks must be also be stored before night time.
  • Cans and bottles must be rinsed before disposal.
  • Clutter must be avoided.
  • Paint or varnish bare wood in the home.
  • Seal all entry points.


Wasps are problematic in a yard because of the danger they pose to you. They can even enter homes via open doors or windows. With wasp nests able to house over 25,000 of them, you wouldn’t want them anywhere near your home.

There is no way around it; you must remove the nest to remove the problem. But doing so is dangerous and should only be done by a professional.


With over 150 species in the United States, these can bring various diseases. Given that they bite often, they are very dangerous to you and your loved ones. Start to be wary when the temperatures rise because this is when they thrive.

With the wide species of mosquitoes flying around, the only real way to stop them from infesting your home is to stop them from breeding near your home. They usually do this in standing water left in your backyard from watering your plants. You must always get rid of this. As for the indoors, look at investing in mesh screens and fans. These should keep them out of a room.

Key Takeaway

Although there are many more household pests that have to be kept in mind, these are the most common. With the right knowledge about these pests, there is no need to panic in the face of small infestations. Just take the right actions quickly and you will save your home and your finances from trouble.




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