Learning mathematical concepts using online tools

Learning mathematical concepts using online tools

Online calculators are very important whether you are using an online calculator or a simple conventional calculator. As we all know, everything has pros and cons so, using each of the calculators has some benefits and flaws as well.

When it comes to conventional calculators, then we can say that these calculators can give you the proper answer but they cannot show the steps involved in the calculation. And when we talk about online calculators, we need an active connection to use these calculators but online calculators can show all the involved steps.

So, let’s have a look at the importance of online calculators:

1.    Provide accurate answers

When you are solving a question, all your priority is to get the accurate answer, and sometimes, you need an accurate answer to jump on to the next step.

It is somehow difficult to get an accurate answer without using a calculator and especially when you are going to solve some difficult expressions.

We recommend you use an online calculator because it will show all the steps that are needed to solve a question.

All you need to do is:

  • Search for a calculator related to your question
  • Enter your values
  • Choose the operation
  • You’ll get the results with the steps

2.    Saves time

Using calculators either online or conventional calculators will surely save your time and effort but online calculators are more efficient.

Some online calculators are as efficient as it helps you in solving your questions by giving suggestions and autocorrection.

You can easily access any calculator which is free of cost and most of them are already free to use so, that’s a great opportunity.

But the question is how an online calculator can save your time? So, it is quite obvious that you don’t need to solve the lengthy steps manually.

When you are not solving the steps manually, it will be time-efficient.

3.    Free to use

Here is the biggest advantage of using an online calculator! These types of calculators are designed for students and students who cannot afford expensive calculators.

So, when you have an option of online calculators and that are free then you can easily solve your questions without any difficulty.

But when we are going to use conventional calculators so, these are somehow cost-consuming and don’t suitable for students.

It is quite obvious that when you are willing to use an efficient and free calculator then online calculators are the only option.

learning mathematics through online tools
How can mathematics be learned through online tools? (Photo credits: http://m.bizhizu.cn/photoview/12037/2.html)

Some Useful Online Calculators

As we mentioned above that many online calculators are giving us the facility of accurate results without spending a single penny.

We all know that everyone has a smart device and internet as well so, using these calculators is free.

Let’s see some of the useful online calculators.

1.    Integral calculator

Antiderivative calculators are also known as integral calculators and it is very cleared by the name that for solving integrals, we need an integral calculator.

Some people are really confused about what are the integrals so, integrals are used to assign the numbers but the question is assigned the number to whom?

Functions are used in integral calculators and integrals define the number of the functions.

The working of this online calculator is very simple and user-friendly. You don’t need to search for anything about this calculator.

How does it work?

As discussed above that working of this calculator is very easy so, let’s see:

  • Enter a function in the field
  • You can also see an example by clicking on the “load example” button
  • You must specify a variable concerning you are solving your question
  • There are also fields of upper bound and lower bound limits
  • You need to fill all the fields
  • Press “calculate”
  • Your answer will be shown in the output field

2.    Least common multiple calculator

The term “LCM” is used to represent the least common multiple but the thing is what is LCM in actuality?

LCM is the number that can be divisible by every number which is given and you can find this manually as well as by using calculators.

When you are going to use an online calculator, you need to fill only two fields and you are all set to get your answers.

There are some methods to solve LCM and these methods are also available in this calculator so, using this calculator is enough for you.

How does it work?

The working of this calculator is very simple and easy.

  • Enter two values in the first field
  • You must separate with a comma
  • You should select a method to solve
  • You’ll get your answers by pressing “calculate”

Methods for solving

  • Prime factorization
  • Lists of multiples
  • Division
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3.    Sig fig calculator

Sig fig stands for significant figures and this online calculator is used for solving significant figures.

Some rules are important for solving significant figures and some calculators do have not all the rules.

But an authentic calculator has all these rules available and solves the examples according to these rules as well.

How does it work?

  • You need to enter some information
  • Give a number to solve in the first field
  • The second field is for round numbers and this is optional
  • Press “calculate”
  • Your answers will be there

Rules of significant figures

  • Left zero of the decimal number is not significant
  • Trailing zeros are not significant figures
  • Zeros between other than zero numbers are significant
  • All numbers other than zero are significant

Bottom line

From this article, it is quite clear that using calculators is important today because we are dealing with the complex expressions involved in modern problems.

And we have two options; one is to use online calculators and the second is to go for a simple calculator.

But we recommend you to go for the first option and enjoy solving math problems and you can use any of the calculators discussed above.

The good thing about these calculators is that they are free to use.

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