How should you choose your senior high school strand?

How should you choose your senior high school strand?

For students who just finished Grade 10, the most common question that they are asked about is what senior high school (SHS) track and strand they plan to take. Deciding this matter is very important especially since this is already the first step toward their future careers. In that case, what should a student consider when deciding on what SHS track and strand to take?

Firstly, all students should take the time to discover truly what their interests are. It goes without saying that it will be very tough to perform well in disciplines you are not really interested or passionate about. However, it is worth pointing out that your interests can change over time, and that this is perfectly alright.

Related to the first consideration is the question of what your dream jobs are. How do you see yourself in ten or twenty years? If your aim is to be an entrepreneur, then perhaps taking the Accountancy and Business Management or ABM strand is great for you.

Batasan Hills National High School - Senior High School
Senior high school students of Batasan Hills National High School in Quezon City (Personal photo)

If you want to be a journalist or political scientist, then maybe the Humanities or Social Sciences (HUMSS) strand is a good fit for you. If you’re planning to be a chemical engineer or doctor, then choose the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) strand.

Apart from considering your interests and your dream jobs, it is also highly advisable for students to assess their strengths and weaknesses as regards the requirements of each strand. For instance, you may be dreaming of enrolling in the ABM or STEM strands, but if you’re not good in mathematics, then you need to think twice.

Lastly, there is nothing wrong if you would like to seek advice from people who matter to you including your family and other relatives, friends, and former teachers. Talking to elders is a good way for you to have a good idea on what lies ahead in the job market. Nevertheless, do not feel constrained by their advice. In the end, you have the ultimate responsibility of choosing the SHS track and strand that is best for you.

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