Answer key for Day 2 of VINSET 2.0 – August 31 2021

Answer key for Day 2 of VINSET 2.0 – August 31 2021

The Department of Education (DepEd) is conducting its second Virtual In-Service Training (VINSET) this week, from August 30 to September 3, 2021. To compel teachers to watch all the sessions religiously, there are “quizzes” for each one that they must answer to be able to get a certificate as the five-day program ends.

The Filipino Scribe will be providing the answers for all quizzes given during August 31, 2021, the second day of VINSET 2.0. This is for the benefit of teachers who are having difficulties accessing DepEd’s website.

Of the seven scheduled talks for this day, three have exit quizzes. It is not yet clear how certificates can be obtained for the other topics.

virtual INSET 2.0 answer key
The Filipino Scribe will be providing the answer keys to the quizzes to be given during the second virtual In-Service Training

Exit Quiz #1: Radio Based Instruction – Reaching Far-flung Areas*

1) RBI means radio-based instruction.
2) 25-50 coverage of the school-based DepEd Radio that DepEd plans to establish.
3) Main goal is to deliver lessons to students in far-flung areas.
4) The TWO-WAY RADIO based-instruction uses walkie talkies.
5) TEACHER-BROADCASTERS will broadcast lessons in this format.

Exit Quiz #2: TV Based Instruction – Effective Utilization and Plotting to Weekly Lesson Delivery*

1) The main stages of DepEd TV implementation:
Planning, Script Writing, TV School Production, TV School Broadcast, Monitoring, and Evaluation
2) The proposed airtime for Key Stage 1 is 60 minutes.
3) The television is meant to educate, inform, inspire, and entertain.
4) The RUBRIC scoring guide is usually presented in graphic format.
5) WAYNE COY described TV as an Electronic Black Board.

Exit Quiz #3: Applying Creativity and Innovating Teaching Through Adobe Spark*

1) To save your work working in Spark, you…  don’t do anything, it saves automatically
2) The three story formats of Adobe Spark include – Post, Video, Page
3) If you were creating a meme, what part of Adobe Spark Suite would you use? – Post
4) Adobe Spark DOES NOT work offline.
5) TIKTOK cannot use Adobe Post.

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