Award-winning writer and licensed professional teacher Mark Pere Madrona has announced today, December 25, the publication of his first book, “RIGHT ON THE MARK: Selected Articles from The Filipino Scribe.” The book (ISBN: 9786214192649) was released by Book of Life Publication earlier this month.

The 252-page book has five chapters, reflecting the categorization of the articles: features, writings on education, history and politics, and gender and development, as well as media reviews. The title of the book compilation, which has 67 articles, is a homage to the site’s original name.

The book’s publication is timed with the tenth year anniversary of the news and commentary website The Filipino Scribe this 2011. Apart from selected posts from the website, the book also features some articles that the author has submitted to various media outlets over the years as well as those that won in writing competitions.

the filipino scribe published book
“RIGHT ON THE MARK: Selected Articles From The Filipino Scribe” is out now courtesy of Book of Life Publication.

“Since 2021 marks the tenth-year anniversary of The Filipino Scribe, it felt right to compile my best writings in one book. Apart from helping me win various awards and recognitions through the years, writing for TFS has opened up a lot of opportunities for me, from freelance work, speaking engagements, and media appearances,” Madrona explained.

The author added that he pushed through with the publication of the book for personal and professional reasons, not exactly for commercial purposes. “Frankly, I didn’t ask the publisher to print lots of copies of this book because I don’t think anyone will be interested to read it. Nevertheless, let’s see!” Madrona said.

He also added: “This may be my first book, and I am looking forward to having more in the years to come! For now, my next goal is to have an article published in an academic journal.”



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