Mo Twister bashes Kris Aquino’s interview with Andrew Garfield, Jamie Foxx

Mo Twister bashes Kris Aquino’s interview with Andrew Garfield, Jamie Foxx

Controversial disk jockey and television personality Mo Twister took to his Instagram account Monday morning to criticize Kris Aquino’s recent series of interviews with the cast of “Amazing Spider-Man 2″ last week in Singapore.

In the first of two posts, DJ Mo uploaded a clip of Aquino’s sit-down interview with actor Andrew Garfield as shown on the morning show Kris TV. Watch the video in this link.

Here, Aquino bragged to Garfield that “My Little Bossings,” her son Bimby’s debut movie, earned more throughout its theater run in the Philippines compared to the Spider-Man film.

“Our movie holds the record for the highest first-day gross. It’s called ‘My Little Bossings.’ In English, ‘My Little Bosses.’ It’s a comedy, it was shown on Christmas Day’,” Aquino told Garfield.

kris aquino oprah winfrey of the philippines
Kris Aquino: “I am the Oprah Winfrey of the Philippines!”

“Fantastic… Well, congratulations,” the actor replied with an awkward smile. Throughtout the interview, Aquino’s son can be seen playing right behind her. She later recounted that Bimby had a picture with Garfield.

The outspoken DJ described Aquino’s side comments as unnecessary, adding: “Who said there was a competition between the two films, especially considering that the MMFF fortnight duration only airs local films?”

He also pointed out that “My Little Bossings“‘s total earnings of P350 million is minuscule compared to “Spider-Man” who earned P33.89 billion worldwide. (TFS – He did not cite any source for his figures.)

DJ Mo also uploaded a clip of Aquino interviewing Jamie Foxx. Here, she pompously said: “Many people consider me the Oprah Winfrey of the Philippines.” The context of her quip however is not clear.

She also mistakenly called Fox “Ed.” Is she thinking of Eddie Murphy here?

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77 thoughts on “Mo Twister bashes Kris Aquino’s interview with Andrew Garfield, Jamie Foxx

  1. It’s hard to believe that both Kris & PNoy are sibling of Ninoy? It also show how our society & religion have spoiled our Leaders & Role models in many ways and gets everything they want and never have to work for it. Hence, an easy life results Lazy & Idle Mind or stupidity as exemplified by Kris & PNoy.

    The root cause of stagnant economy and false public service is due to lack of intelligence (incompetence : lack if vision/poor logic/no-sense of observation/lack of imagination & creativity).

    1. yes, it is hard to believe that kris and pnoy are siblings of ninoy because they are CHILDREN of ninoy. hehe but besides that, all you said are true. stupid leaders make the country more stupid.

      1. ninoy is smart, he married that ugly cory for the money… and they produced an abnormal son, 2 ugly daughters and a whore

    2. Maybe u meant CHILDREN..sibling means kapatid…if you can’t find the right term, google it first…otherwise, just use.the tagalog word for it…

      1. actually he/she is using the right term because it is stated that they are the offsprings of Ninoy Aquino.

        1. Don’t try to correct an already correct correction. For the love of grammar and everything good, manahimik ka na lang.

        1. AS CHILDREN
        2. AS BROS./SIS…

        ANO BA YAN…

        anyways.. sana hindi TACTLESS si KRIS.. tsktsk

        1. Siblings as children? My brother and I are the siblings of my mom and dad. Ang labo! Kaninong English teacher mo natutunan yan?

          Kris is kris. She’s been trashy eversince.

          1. tama naman grammar nya ah.. tama rin yung sinasabi ni celine na pwedeng magamit ang salitang “sibling” or mga anak depende sa paggamit.. ang pagkakasabi sa sentence nya is “sibling” singular form, meaning in tagalog “ang magkapatid ni Ninoy” not “siblings of ninoy” meaning “ang mga kapatid ni Ninoy”.. Medyo bitin lang yung pagkakaintindi mo sa teacher mo iha, for the love of grammar daw sabi ni bienb..

          2. Di naman po kasi pinagbabawal magpost sa wikang pambansa. Kaysa naman nagmumukhang timawa kayo online kapipilit mag-inggles para lang magmukhang bibo.

          3. altered ego:
            Naiintindihan ko po ang ibig ninyong sabihin, pero sa kasawiang palad, may mga salita po tayo na walang kahalintulad sa wikang inggles, o hindi maaring isalin sa wikang inggles. Kung ang gagamitin po natin ay “siblings of Ninoy”, ang kahulugan nito ay “Mga kapatid ni Ninoy”, pero kahit gawin nating singluar, kahit ano pa ang pagkakaayos : “sibling of Ninoy”, “Ninoy’s sibling”, “The sibling of Ninoy”, “Ninoy sibling”, ang magiging kahulugan nito ay “kapatid ni Ninoy”.

            Ang pinakamalapit na pagsasalin ng “Magkapatid ni Ninoy” sa Inggles ay “Ninoy’s son and daughter”. Tingnan po natin ang kahulugan ng sibling sa dictionary. Wala pong nababanggit na pwede itong gawing substitute para sa “anak”.

          4. Okay. Wow. Can’t you just Filipinos let it go? You really have to correct one another? If the other person wants to use that “siblings”, “offsprings”, or whatever; let em.

          5. Mga bwakanang-ina nyo! mag-sitigil kayo!! mga hung-hang!! ang issue dito ay iyong ginawa ni Kris at hindi iyong sibling-sibling!! na pi-nost!

          1. kumikita ba kayo sa pag correct ng english? pag call center kayo congrats, pag hindi, mukha ka lang tanga hehehe

          1. Cheryl, you can’t even interpret your own links properly. “Each of two or more children or offspring having one or both parents in common” means 2 children/offspring who have 1-2 same parents. Need an example? Child 1 is Kris, child 2 is Pnoy, they have 2 same parents: Cory and Ninoy. Gets? Look at the other definition in your own link: “a brother or sister”. Dini-defend pa ang mali e.

          2. lol! apologies Cheryl, I mistook you for Celine. You, Cheryl, are correct. Celine, please learn from Cheryl

      3. Yung totoo? c Kris ba ang topic o Pagcorrect ng Term na ginamit? PROBLEMA KASE SA PINOY MASYADONG KRITIKO EH. BIGTI NA KYO mga retarded! CRAB MENTALITY nga naman!

    3. Anyway, i agree to evrything else you said…. Just reading bits and pieces from the said interview makes me cringe over how self-centered Kris’ world seem to be…kainis lang…

    4. Religion? While I am not a religious person myself I think it’s quite obvious that people who are religious really don’t care about religion at all. I doubt any famous person in the philippines (or any part of the world) held their virginities till after marriage. You can even see it with the poverty still in the country.. it’s quite odd how high people in the government claim to be about religion sitting in their multimillion homes when their is poverty around their vicinity. I thought their own God (assuming these religious folks worship Jesus Christ) commanded to give their riches to the poor, it seemes alittle backwards in the philippines.

      I hate to sound offending, but i think Filipinos are probably the top of the most narcistic and reckless nations of this generation. They have such a big inferiority complex and allot of them deny it with the imfamous “not all filipinos are like this” line… I just read about the protests about Obama’s visit, this thing with Kris Aquino, and did some back reading of the whole Hostage crises involving Chinese tourist and Yollanda.
      While everybody in the US hates Obama now, i have no idea why there are protests against US military assisting in the Philippines. In truth, the US should stop helping the Philippines. The Filipinos love talking about how special they are so maybe it’s time they help themselves… they didn’t do much with the donations but sell em and this is the only country where other nations were doing the work in helping out their own people (yollanda).

      for good one of the main reasons why is because filipino natives talk way too much negatives about Americans behind their backs and they for some odd reason are the only race (in majority) that automatically thinks “American” when looking at someone White. I remember working in a call center back in Manila where ever Team Leader I had made such dumb generalizing views on how Americans are “americans like to be spoonfeed…” stuff like that. Now, i am not american however that shows how even the education system of the philippines is years delayed.

      America is pretty much a multi-culture country with so many various ethnicities to make a single personality description. 2nd, the % of people living in the USA is 50x greater than the population in the Philippines… Anyway, i’ve had black friends who were called “egoys/negros” by random jeepney drivers, guards, and mostly everybody yet filipinos are the fastest to pull the race card. Like with the American Idol Season involving jessica Sanchez where loads of filipinos were going “racism” as a reason why Phil Philipps won.. and on twitter where a bunch of filipinos thought he was talking down about the country (which is actually sad for their intelligence) and sent offense tweets to Joshua Ledet over saying “i’m not excited about the trip” which everybody knew he was referring to his fear of flying. I saw random facebook comments/tweets going “who is that joshua ledet.. never heard of him” trying to make it look like Jessica Sanchez was real talent while he was just “jealous”. While Jessica Sanchez is one of the best AI performers of all time, Joshua Ledet is very arguable to be better due to the amount of ovasions he had. Then on youtube where a bunch of filipinos would try to antagonize the white girls who were competing with jessica sanchez… “oh holly’s eyes show she is very jealous”.. i have no idea why Filipinos are like that that they would even have such negatives in their mind and try to make something antagonizing over someone else who is competing against a filipino.
      Remember that “20 things i hate about the Philippines” video that filipinos forced to shut down? That video spoke the truth. How else can anybody say anything good about highly poluted enviornments, unprofessional guards/police who obviously wouldnt beable to do jack when something hits the fan (if Manila’s finest showed themselves to be dumber than the 3 stooges taking on a hostage situation, what more for random mall guards) and just feel your waste regardless of it being 100% visible that nothing is on you, undisiplined driving laws, and poor kids who are being used as syndicates because their politicans are uneducated former untalented pop stars.. how can you not expect a rant?

      There is allot more i can talk about but i’ll just leave most of what i said, including the AI thing right there.
      I know i will get flacked for racism for this but maybe it’s time Filipinos learn how to identify the difference between criticism and racism. Note: Filipinos are great people and the filipinos who are in different parts of the world are one of the best… it’s beautiful country however (and sorry to say) you guys are really f’ed up. I hope you guys get better.

      1. We are talking about Kris Aquino here. No racism just pure criticism. Make a back reading about her. You might swallow your own puke.

        You have a lot to say about Filipinos, eh. Tell me your nationality and I might say something about you, too. But don’t effin call it racism. 😛

        1. pinoys are the most weirdest racist there … di mo alam ipinuputok ng butchi kung sabihan ang piny pero kung manlait ng ibang lahi todo 100% bastusan… as if angat ang pinoy sa lahat…. kaya binabastos pinoy dahil sa ganyang ugali at ayaw pa magbago…moaya katulongg ang tingin sa pinoy e… feeble minded kasi umasal

          1. @pissed off haha super true. kung matuto lang ang mga pinoy tanggapin ang mga mali nila at wag lagi maoffend sa lahat ng naririnig nila, di tayo magmumukhang tanga 🙂

        2. I am Pinoy but i agree. This is all truth.
          Biggest problem of Pinoys is the FILIPINO PRIDE.

          Filipinos hate looking bad. So we have the hospitable stuff going on, and we smile amidst tragedies frankly i think because we want other people to think we are ok. but no. we need help. if we humble this country down and put to stop the Filipino pride shit, we could be progressive.

      2. As a Filipina that grew up in a different country, I can agree to most of what you’ve said, but please don’t generalize ALL of us. Some of us aren’t f’ed up completely, only the people that refuse to open their minds are. Most Filipinos are so close-minded because of religion, believe it or not; everything that the church says is true for them and for a lot of Filipinos, scientific truths are the words of the devil, also a lot of us still believe in old wive’s tales(pamahiin) and different myths even if they’ve been debunked by science. Filipinos also hate being slapped in the face with the truth because of “Pinoy Pride”. It’s so stupid. Every Pinoy thinks they’ve contributed to the so-called “Pinoy Pride” when in reality, it’s mostly the OFW’s, pinoys that actually made something that contributes to society & popular artists/athletes, and to think, when these people come back home to the Philippines they get used for the fame and the money. I think the best way for Filipinos to stop acting so narcissistic is to live in a different country for some years just to see how other races are, it’s really an eye-opener when you see the Philippines from a different point of view.

        It’s true that the country itself really suck but the people – I guess you’ve met a lot of awful ones. If you’re lucky enough you’ll stumble across some of the most helpful, loving and accepting people in the Philippines. Maybe check out the provinces or something, people there know a thing about compassion cuz some of them are in poverty, just avoid the cities, esp. Metro Manila, that place is awful, crowded, extremely polluted and there’s just too many criminals.

      3. I loved reading this, exactly what i have been thinking for years now and I’m a filipino born in boondocks and i believe i’ve received proper education enough to open my eyes to see my nations dirt. Sir if you ever a blog somewhere about this i’d like to read it thank you. You’ve certainly hit the cherry and I totally approve this message. BTW, i really hate that “proud to be a filipino” line. it’s like a subtle pleading for some appreciation, We really need to wake up guys, and accept the flaws of our nation instead of denying it, it’ll do us no good. Accepting our falls is much more noble, endearing and wise, than falsely bragging while it’s only what we got really, we really need to face reality. I support this message.

    5. If you consider Kris as a role model, you have more serious problems my friend.

      Also, the main causes of our stagnant economy are corruption and immature voters who have very short memories.

    6. It’s so irritating to read a comment from a stupid person calling someone stupid. Wag n kc mag English. Trying hard mag pakabibo. Kumusta naman ang mga siblings mo? Sila mommy at daddy? Hahaha. Napapailing si Ninoy for sure 😉 LMAO

    7. WTF?! Is this an online grammar class?? Come on, Grammar Nazi, go away!

      Anyway, just FYI sibling is an offspring having one or both parents in common.. In short Brother or sister.

      We know what poster meant so stop… Stop being smart ass…

    8. i agree to what you said x 100 times. they are our biggest disappointment. when cory became the president, i thought that that will be our glory so i throw away all ninoy’s 1978 campaign leaflets which i have memorized with my heart only to find out later and much later now that pnoy is in malacañang that all what i hoped for was just a dream. i hope that kris will not succeed pnoy but with binay around i think i will choose her. so our biggest prayer is to have the most sensible candidate we could ever have.

    9. I don’t get it. What shows (dear, it’s with an ‘s’- SINGULAR subject) that our religion and society have done what you say they have? It seems that you’ve already reached a conclusion without presenting any argument… I think you’ve gone too far to say that they LACK intelligence. It’s simply beyond you.

    10. Keep in mind, Ninoy was in prison most of their childhood years & they only spent 3 years together in Boston so it’s safe to say they did not grow up with him hence he did not have enough influence over them which is very obvious in how they act and run the government.. He is probably turning over in his grave right now and I don’t blame him.

  2. so much cringe from that interview.

    who cares about little bossings box office record? try showing them in the cinemas at the same season as movies and not the bullshit filmfest season then compare.

  3. Who the hell would care about her movie earnings…and who told her that she is considered her as oprah…that is what they get from their relaxing and wealthy lifestyle…first of all the said interview at her show should be about the actors, their movie and about the filipino mass…not her bragging about her movie and her gross income…her overall first day gross income is nothing to andrew garfield as the article says…
    To think that her purpose of doing the interview about them is maybe just to brag about everything. about her wealth although not literally but showing the said quotes I think she is really just bragging about it

    1. I remembered her interview with Barbie and Dee Xu last 2004 (I think that time) when ASOS (Barbie and Dee), Vanness Wu, and Ken Zhu had their concert here in the Philippines. During the interview (interview with Ken and Vanness was a separate one), she told Barbie that she appeared 11 times in a week. That was with “Morning Girls” and “Game KNB?!” on weekdays, and “The Buzz” on Sundays. You can just imagine the look on Barbie’s face, as if Barbie thought to herself, “How arrogant this woman is!”

      1. I remember that! just two weeks ago, I was browsing old videos of those interviews Kris did to Meteor Garden stars and I was –> :-O “naku… intake na naman ang utak nitong si Kris”

    2. yun nga ang nakakatawa at nakakapag taka.. SINONG HUNGHANG ang nag sabi dito kay Kris na sya ang “Oprah of the Philippines” for crying out loud. >.< nakakahiya.. ang dami-daming competent interviewers bakit naman sya ang ipinadala. (but I'm guessing maybe she worked her way to that seat. ginamitan na naman ng INFLUENCE nya.)

  4. Someone forgot to add the “I have to throw up” choice in the polls. God that interview was pretty much Kris Aquino saying: look at me look at me!!!

    And to think there is a possibility that soon she will be president. i swear if that happens she might start a Philippines vs the World war 🙁

  5. If nothing good can be said of a person, it is best to keep mouth shut.Hoiwever, mine is simply an honest-to-goodness advice to the other members of P’noy’s family: Pls. suggest to sister Kris, to adopt a ‘low profile’ during the remaining term of P’noy as a sacrifice and help to P’noy’s image and popularity.Kris’s obnoxious demeanor in various aspects of her life is causing an ill effect on the President somehow.

  6. Sooooo????? Who cares about “My Little Bossings” anyway? Just show it in normal viewing seasons of the year, and “Spiderman 2” can still gather higher earnings. Also, “Spiderman 2” is famous worldwide, compared to MLB.

  7. Kris has a lot of rice to eat before she can try to compare herself with good interviewers such as oprah. even her friend boy abunda compares himself to king. there is one basic interviewer skill they don’t have that king and oprah said is the most important several times. “you need to learn to listen”. how can you gain decent information from the interview if all you hear is the sound of your own voice. this shows no respect to the guest and the constant interruptions are outright rude behavior. all i hear on their interviews are interruption on the speaker who’s point of view is never heard of. their interviews really suck and i don’t enjoy listening to the sound of their voice interrupting and shouting.

  8. For crying out loud, it’s Kris Aquino! What the hell do you guys expect?

    And WTH should we care about Mo’s opinion anyway?

    Just wasted 30 seconds of my life replying to this BS. XD

    1. Oi Marvin, u can attack kris but it is totally wrong to attack a kid. It is not his fault that he was born with abnormalities. Spare the innocent.

    2. marvin, pls do remember that someone who calls mentally challenged people “abnoy” such as the way you called her son is the true abnoy. hence, it was you. her son has nothing to do with her craziness. take that.

  9. I never watch this Little Bossings.. As far as I know watching this piece of crap movie will waste my money.. So Kris… DO SHUT UP!

  10. Siblings ba pinag uusapan nyo o seedlings? Hehehe…hay naku ang isyu ay mula sa pagkabarubal ni kris napunta sa seedlings ay siblings pala hahaha

  11. i don’t care to all your comments but i love pnoy and kris because they are my idols’ (dingdong dantes, marian, rivera regine velasquez, ogie alcasid, coco martin, anne curtis, boy abunda and vice ganda) and almost everyone in showbiz idolize and they make people happy

  12. Hayaan nyo na si kris aquino, sarili nya pinapahiya nya.KSP kasi kaya palaging binibida sarili tsk.

  13. Mga bwakanang-ina nyo! mag-sitigil kayo!! mga hung-hang!! ang issue dito ay iyong ginawa ni Kris at hindi iyong sibling-sibling!! na pi-nost!

  14. Mga bwakanangvits, mas malala pa kau kay kris aquino! Sipderman usapan dito hunghang hahaha!

  15. Guys, I think the best course of action is to completely boycott Kris Aquino. If we don’t give her attention she’ll just vanish.

  16. Hay naku Kris, spell HUMILITY. Di ko matapos talaga panuorin yung interview, ako ang nahiya. Bakit ba siya pa ang pinadala? Josme. Unnecessary remarks.

  17. nora = superstar
    sharon = mega star
    maricel = diamond star
    vilma = star for all season
    kris = star for no reason

  18. Grabe na ang thread na ito walang nagpapatalo. Pag-aralan niyo nalang at pag naintindihan na, maging masaya nalang, nag-aaway pa e.

  19. She’s really rude.. I just watched her show earlier, binastos nya ung owner ng coffee shop.. If nagagawa nya un infront of the camera? Ano pa kaya? Tsk…..

  20. Di ako nanunuod ng mga comedy na produced ng Pilipinas, napakamainstream lagi na lang pag inuupakan ang iba OA masyado ang mukha pati ang sound effects. My Little Bossings is no different. Ni hindi nga makaabot ng bilyones ang MLB, baka ang mga namatay na sperm sa loob ni kris, lampas 33.5 trillion. Kahit anong gawin ni Kris, hinding hindi sya magiging Oprah ng Pilipinas. Wala ng ginawa kundi tumawa ng nakakairita at magpakalandi sa harap ng camera. Dahil malakas ang back-up mo antaas na ng tingin mo sa sarili mo? baka mamaya sabihin naman pag initerview ni Kris ang santo papa “I’m called the Virgin mary of the Philippines.” wag naman, kikilabutan ang lahat ng nanunuod.

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