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Pay your BPI credit card bill on a Saturday? How?

For residents of Metro Manila, it is possible! But before I proceed, let me share to you my story first. 😉

I’ve been a BPI Gold MasterCard holder for over a year now. Paying my credit card bill has been a monthly ritual for me.

My statement of account usually arrives during the first week of the month. Unfortunately, there had been instances when the due date fell on a Saturday. That was my experience just a week ago.

My bill due date is June 7. I originally planned to pay it the day before, which is what I usually do. However, because of a speaking engagement somewhere in Taguig City, I wasn’t able to drop by the nearest BPI outlet before the 4:30 PM closing time.

This is a pretty scary situation. A note from BPI’s website  says: “Payments have to be made on or before the due date. If your due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday, payment should be made on or before the last working day prior to that due date.”

BPI shangrila plaza

BPI Shangri-La Plaza is the only BPI outlet in Metro Manila that’s open on Saturdays (Credits:

I was so concerned about getting charged with late payment fee (with a monthly interest rate of 3.4%, who needs to pay more?) that as soon as I got home that night, I browsed the Internet for information on how I can pay my bill on a Saturday.

I came across a Twitter post from BPI saying that their branch in BPI Shangri-La Plaza Mall is their only outlet in Metro Manila that’s open on Saturdays. It is open from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Fast forward to Saturday, June 7: I arrived just two minutes before BPI Shangri-La’s 7:oo PM closing time, with sweat dripping all over me (LOL). I came from an event for Master Philippines in SM Mall of Asia.

The two guards initially turned me away, insisting that the machines needed to process the payments have already been shut down. I and another lady persuaded them to ask the bank manager about our situation since that day is our due date (plus other paawa effect like. Haha).

A few moments after, their boss let me in, but too bad I wasn’t able to get her name. Kudos to the staff on duty of BPI Shangri-La that Saturday night for being considerate with me!

This BPI branch is located in the 5th floor of Shangri-La Plaza Mall. It is connected to MRT Shaw.


I wrote about this experience on my Facebook page, and it was luckily read by a former high school classmate who’s now a BPI CSR. According to her, credit card holders can have a grace period of a day or two if the due date falls on a weekend. 😉

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11 thoughts on “Pay your BPI credit card bill on a Saturday? How?”

  1. bigby says:

    Starting October 7, 2013, you can already pay your BPI or BPI Family Credit Card and load your My ePrepaid Mastercard and More Fun Prepaid Visa at the Bills Payment Counter of SM Department Stores, SM Supermarkets, SM Hypermarket, and Savemore branches.

  2. donskister says:

    Thanks.. I can go back to sleep again and pay it on monday .. Today is my due Date Saturday 🙂

    1. Mark Madrona says:

      I was told that paying your bill up to three days late is just fine. 🙂

  3. Chippy says:

    SM Dept store is not accepting BPI CC payments anymore… Its sooo sad… to have limited payment centers

  4. Ahmela says:

    What about paying the bill on BPI branch. how many days it will reflect on your account? or the posting of the payment? Can anyone help and enlighten me. Please? Thank you.. 🙂

    Ahmela. 🙂

    1. Mark Madrona says:

      Hi, Ahmela!

      The payment is automatically reflected on your online account although you have to wait until a day after your cutoff date to know how much your new balance is.

  5. Felix says:

    Hi Mark Madona ok lang ba if late ang bayad sa credit card halimbawa 7/26 then 7/27 na nabayaran? Paano interest at penalty noon?

    1. Mark Madrona says:

      Yes, Sir. Especially if it is on a weekend.

      1. An says:

        Sir, ok lang ba kung 2 days late magbayad after ng due date? Aug 7 due date ko which is sunday. Wala padin ba late charges & finance charge yun? Ang natry ko palang kasi gawin before, pag nagfafall ng sunday. Monday nagbabayad nako agad. Ngyn ko lang kasi gagawin yun 2 days late after ng due date ko na magfall din ng sunday e? Thanks.

        1. Mark Madrona says:

          Parang wala namang consequences kapag two days lang. It happens to me all the time. Haha.

  6. Rof says:

    Great! This post really helped me in my bpi card payments, thank you for helping others.

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