Nora Aunor removed from the list of National Artist awardees

Nora Aunor removed from the list of National Artist awardees

Giving in to persistent calls from various sectors, Malacanang has finally released late Friday night the list of the National Artist awardees for 2014. The recognition will be bestowed on the following individuals:

National Artist for Dance – Alice Reyes, founder of Ballet Philippines

National Artist for Literature – Cirilo Bautista, acclaimed writer                   

National Artist for Visual Arts  – Francisco Coching (posthumous) 

National Artist for Music – Francisco F. Feliciano and Ramon Santos

Jose Maria V. Zaragoza       – National Artist for Architecture (posthumous)

The proclamations (#s 807 to 812) that formalized these announcements can be downloaded on this web page

nora aunor national artist
Credits: Nora Aunor for National Artist Facebook page

 Coching’s selection as a national artist for visual arts can be regarded as a repudiation of Carlo J. Caparas. The latter was declared a national artist by former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for the same category back in 2009 but his inclusion was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court (SC) last year. Coching is the creator of Pedro Penduko.

This is also a vindication for Santos, a world-renown composer and conductor. He was removed by Arroyo from the list of recipients in the same year.

Curiously, the SC also mentioned in the aforementioned decision that a president has the right to not bestow the national artist award to a certain individual even if he or she has been included in the shortlist. 

However, the biggest surprise in this announcement is the decision of Malacanang to not award the recognition to Nora Aunor, recognized for four decades as the superstar of Philippine cinema. 

For several months now, her longtime supporters has engaged in an online campaign to have her recognized as a national artist this year.

And as confirmed separately by a source within the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts and by someone who was part of the initial selection committee, Aunor made it to the shortlist of national artist nominees for 2014.

In fact, as recently as last week, a source told Philippine Daily Inquirer‘s Bayani San Diego that her inclusion is already a done deal.

President Benigno Aquino III’s reason/s for not giving Aunor the national artist award will certainly be the subject of heated debates in the weeks and months to come, but one thing is certain: what he did is perfectly alright from a legal perspective.

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5 thoughts on “Nora Aunor removed from the list of National Artist awardees

  1. In my personal point of view, Nora Aunor is indeed one of the most versatile actress for how many decades. There is no doubt about her skills, that is why she was awarded several of times. I respect the President’s decision of not proclaiming her as the National Artist, because I am sure there will be those who will ask how can she be considered a role model if she was convicted with drugs. Many were dissapointed about this case but let us just respect our President’s decision because that is the nature of his job.

    Serrano, Cassandra

  2. As Citizens of the Philippines, We idolize our artists because of the goodness of their craft and nora aunor was engaged to drugs , I think our beloved President removed Nora aunor as a National Artists its because our government strictly campaigns for illegal drugs so that Nora aunor will not be a bad influence to those idolize her.

    Balajadia , Angelica
    CBA F-332

  3. We all know that Nora Aunor is one of the veteran actress/ comedian and all in Philippine industry. It is not questionable that she is a nominee for National Artist because of her skills and talent. But she was removed from the list because of the rumor that she was convicted to drugs. I think President Aquino takes the right moves. It is not good to idolized a person who is convicted to drugs. And if she is elected National Artist she will not be a good example especially to us teenager.

    Tolentino, Mary Rose P.
    Holy Angel University
    RIZAL F-332 CBA

  4. Nora Aunor has been recognized for four decades as the Superstar of the Philippine Cinema. In my personal opinion, she is rightfully deserving of the National Artist award. Though a lot of her supporters agree that she is worthy of the honor, it is clearly stated from above that the current president has the right not to bestow the award to a certain individual even if he or she is in the shortlist. I am sure President Aquino has his reasons. His decision may cause debates to uprise, but I can agree that what he did is all right from a legal viewpoint.

    Francisco, Madeleine Anne R.
    Holy Angel University
    RIZAL F-332 CBA

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