December 24 to 26 2014 declared as holidays in the Philippines

December 24 to 26 2014 declared as holidays in the Philippines

Filipinos will have five consecutive non-working days next week as the nation joins the world in marking the Christmas holidays.

Since December 25 falls on a Thursday, the Office of the President deemed it practical to also declare December 24 (Wednesday) and 26 (Friday) as special non-working days.

The announcement was made through Proclamation 655, which was released September of last year. Read more about Proclamation 655 in this blog entry.

december 24 2014 philippine holiday
Filipinos nationwide will have a rare five-day weekend covering December 24 to 28 2014 (Credits:

Going by what is stipulated in Proclamation 655, there will only be two working days next week, December 22 and 23.  Now, is it possible for employees not to report for work on those days for whatever reasons and still be entitled to the holiday pay?

The answer is yes, but the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has strict rules regarding that.

DOLE’s Statutory Handbook on Workers’ Statutory Benefits (2012 edition), stipulates that workers will only receive their holiday premium if they are present or is on official leave of absence with pay on the work day that immediately comes before the holiday.

The handbook can be downloaded through this link.

Therefore, if you plan to go on vacation uninterrupted from December 20 to 28, better file your leave now if you haven’t yet.

At this point, it must be reiterated that December 25 will have a higher holiday premium than December 24 and 26 which are just special non-working days. refer to the infographic below for more information:

DOLE holiday pay rules
A table showing DOLE pay rules for regular and special non-working holidays (Credits:


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