With the election results now largely settled saved for the vice presidential race, netizens turned their attention to something else. The past few weeks/months, people had been buzzing about the good looking sons of certain national candidates, particularly Sebastian Duterte, Brian Poe-Llamanzares, Paolo Roxas, and Sandro Marcos.

It didn’t take too long for some creative minds on social media to have this brilliant idea of writing 140-character fan fictions featuring them supposedly engaging in casual encounters. Hence, the hashtag #RP69FanFic was a top trending topic on Twitter from Tuesday night and for much of Wednesday. RP stands for “role playing” while 69 refers to a popular sex position.

The hashtag #RP69FanFic is a top trending topic on Twitter from late Tuesday night to Wednesday (Credits: www.FHM.com.ph)

To the critics of :
Are we not allowed to have some fun after the restlessness during the days/weeks before the elections?
And also, please stop describing the boys as private people. They are not, given their highly visible roles during the last campaign.

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