Today marks the eight anniversary of The Filipino Scribe ( I haven’t posted anything in nine months, and so you might be asking, “Where in the world had you been?”

Honestly, I never left. I am still active on social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter, where I still share my thoughts on the hottest issues of the day. Nevertheless, I found it increasingly difficult for me to make time for blogging given my teaching job, side gigs, thesis writing, and many other personal things.

There’s so much I wanna write about, including personal milestones like my transition back to being a public senior high school teacher, my involvement as a plaintiff in a small claims court case, and of course, the 2019 Philippine midterm elections. And this summer break, reviving this news site is one of the things I wish to accomplish.

metro manila film festival essay contest
I recently won first prize in the 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival essay contest of the Quezon City local government

Does this mean that I will be able regularly on this site already? Of course, I will try my best to do that, although my priority right now is to finish my Master’s thesis by July 2019.

I have big plans for The Filipino Scribe, including a website overhaul as well as a compilation of what I think are the best and most viewed entries published here since 2011 together with my prize-winning essays. But nevertheless, I’ll be taking everything one step at a time. I hope that all of you, my dear friends and readers, will continue to be there as I sort out a new direction for my site. Thank you very much!

For now, I’m going to dedicate this immortal song from Queen:



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