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As previously reported by The Filipino Scribe, government employees can apply for a paid leave of 14 calendar days in case they need to be quarantined due to close contact with someone who tested positive for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) or if they themselves are diagnosed with it.

This post will explain the steps that need to be done and the documents that has to be submitted by state workers who will avail of this benefit.

Technically speaking, government employees are not mandated by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to submit any document for them to be allowed to begin their 14-day leave to seek treatment. This is because the pertinent papers are required to be submitted upon a worker’s resumption of duty.

After all, patients dealing with moderate or severe symptoms of COVID-19 cannot be expected to do paperwork. Nevertheless, human resource or administrative officers may request for a copy of an employee’s COVID-19 test result for verification.

COVID-19 sick leave philippines
Government employees who test positive for COVID-19 can avail of a 14-day paid leave

According to the CSC, government employees who survived COVID-19 has to submit the following documents when they report back for duty:

1) An application for leave of absence, which includes a letter addressed to their superior as well as accomplished CSC form 6

2) A certificate of completion of quarantine signed by a government physician, which can be secured from the barangay health center

3) A medical clearance indicating that the employee is already fit for work, to be secured also from the barangay health center and signed by a government physician as well



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