GOODBYE, SENATE! – Leaked video of Harry Roque shouting at doctors goes viral

GOODBYE, SENATE! – Leaked video of Harry Roque shouting at doctors goes viral

A video showing presidential spokesperson and likely senatorial candidate Harry Roque shouting at a group of doctors during a Zoom meeting has gone viral Thursday morning (September 10).

Roque was speaking to a group of doctors from the Philippine College of Physicians led by its president, Dr. Maricar Limpin, during the online meeting. The video was first uploaded by the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

In the 45-second clip, Roque can be heard yelling: “Do not sit there as if you’re the only ones right. How dare you think that we are not considering steps to prevent the loss of lives?!”

harry roque leaked video
A leaked video of Harry Roque shouting at doctors has gone viral (Credits: Philippine Daily Inquirer)

“We employed the ‘entire government approach’ thinking about economic ramifications, thinking about the people [who] will go hungry. It does not mean that we care any less,” a visibly agitated Roque further said. The presidential loudmouth also claimed that Limpin’s organization has “never said anything good about the government response.”

In an interview with online news site Rappler, Limpin said that she and her fellow medical experts asked the government to keep places with high COVID-19 transmission rates under enhanced community quarantine during the meeting. “I could not think of anything in what I said that would appear arrogant. I just stated the facts – which is the state of healthcare system at this particular time of the pandemic,” she added.

Roque has been receiving near-universal condemnation for his arrogance towards the doctors. Dr. Tony Leachon, a former special adviser to the National Task Force Against COVID-19, said about Roque: “He knows nothing; and he thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a political career rather than public service. Arrogance is in everything you do. It is in your gestures, the harshness of your voice, and in your distorted thinking process. Failed leadership.”

For her part, Dr. Leni Jara of SHAPE UP demanded that Roque apologize for disrespecting doctors. “Pwede ba?! Tumigil ka. Sumusobra ka na. Binastos mo na ang nagtatrabaho at nagliligtas ng mga pasyente. Binastos mo! You should apologize to them. You owe them an apology,” Jara said during an interview with ABS-CBN News.

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