The Philippines will be celebrating the Christmas Eve this 24 December 2021, Friday.

The day was initially declared a special non-working holiday as stipulated in President Rodrigo Duterte’s Proclamation 986. which he signed last year. However, he changed his mind and designated December 24, 2021 as a special working holiday instead through Proclamation 1107. You can read the full text of Proclamation 1107 here. In other words, this year’s Christmas Eve is a regular working day.

december 24 2021 special working holiday
24 December 2021, Christmas Eve, is a special working holiday (Photo credits:

In the proclamation, Duterte explained that to help the country recover from the adverse economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, “there is a need to encourage economic productivity by, among others, minimizing work disruption and commemorating some special holidays as special working days instead.”

According to page 18 of the 2020 DOLE handbook on workers statutory monetary benefits, no premium pay will be given for those who will report for work on November 2, 2021. That is because work performed on a special working holiday is considered similar to working on an ordinary workday.




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