Thousands of motorists in major thoroughfares in Metro Manila had to endure several hours of traffic jams yesterday because of the traffic rerouting scheme implemented by the national government in connection to the country’s hosting of the 2015 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. As a result of this, countless commuters were forced to walk long distances to reach their respective destinations.

Apparently out of frustration, angry motorists stuck in EDSA Pasay Rotonda let it all out and decided to simultaneously honk their horns while a convoy of APEC delegates easily passed by through the special lane provided for them. The 36-second video was posted by blogger John Paul Suba on his Facebook page late Monday night.

APEC summit heavy traffic
The road rerouting schemes implemented in connection to APEC summit 2015 has triggered heavy traffic in Metro Manila
(Photo taken from Facebook page of Cavite Expressway)


The Philippine National Police (PNP) through its spokesman, Chief Superintendent Wilben Mayor, had earlier appealed to Filipinos to stay home and avoid unnecessary road travels so as not to make the traffic congestions worse.

“We advise them to stay home and spare themselves the trouble of being caught in heavy traffic, or adding to the road congestion in the next four days,” Mayor said. He is also serving as the spokesperson of the 2015 APEC Security Task Force.

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