NEW MILESTONE: The Filipino Scribe reaches 11 million views on its tenth year

NEW MILESTONE: The Filipino Scribe reaches 11 million views on its tenth year

This weekend, The Filipino Scribe reached a new milestone – having 11 million in total page views as of September 2021. This came six months after the site marked its tenth year anniversary. This wouldn’t be possible without the site’s readers, so let me say my sincerest thanks to all of you!

The Filipino Scribe has been largely inactive from 2018 to 2020 since I had to juggle so many things including my teaching responsibilities, finishing my master’s thesis, as well as other side projects. Unfortunately, the overall decline in the popularity of blogs and the corresponding slide in ad revenues are great disincentives against making time specifically for blogging.

Thankfully, the work-from-home set-up being implemented for teachers around the country has given me enough time to become active in blogging again. With the 2022 election cycle now in full swing, expect me to continue writing news and opinion pieces under the #BotongPinoy2022 section of this blog. The articles about education will still be here, as well as the ones covering holiday announcements. I will do my best to keep TFS active as long as I can.

At this point, allow me to share that I am looking forward to publishing a book compilation featuring selected articles from The Filipino Scribe as well as my other writings. Given that I have already published over 1,000 articles here on TFS alone and have written countless others that are still unpublished, it will take time before I am able to select which ones I would like to include in the book.

I have already been in touch with a potential publisher as well as a cover design creator, and I might be able to get it done before 2021 ends. If things go as planned, this will be a major achievement in my career as a writer and educator.

the filipino scribe 11 million page views
The Filipino Scribe now has 11 million total page views (Credits: John Victor Bacanes)



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