Nutrition Month Theme 2022: “New normal na nutrisyon, sama-samang gawan ng solusyon!”

Nutrition Month Theme 2022: “New normal na nutrisyon, sama-samang gawan ng solusyon!”

Education institutions nationwide will be celebrating the annual National Nutrition Month or “Buwan ng Nutrisyon” this coming July. According to the National Nutrition Council (NNC), the theme for this year’s celebration is New normal na nutrisyon, sama-samang gawan ng solusyon!”

In a statement posted on its website, the NNC explained that the theme “calls for strengthened nutrition interventions and solidarity towards nutrition improvement as the country shifts towards living with the COVID-19 virus.” The agency added that nutrition is important in building resilience from pandemic to endemic paradigm.

“The pandemic has made a huge impact on nutrition such as disruptions in the delivery of nutrition and related services, increased hunger incidence due, and many more. But there are also positive impacts such as innovation in service delivery, home food production, increased awareness of one’s health and consuming healthy diets, and the solidarity amongst the people to help each other,” the agency further elaborated.

The national nutrition month is celebrated every July as stipulated in Presidential Decree 491, which also mandated the creation of NNC in 1974. It must be noted that during that time, then-President Ferdinand Marcos had both executive and legislative powers.

The Department of Education is expected to release an official memorandum in the coming days or weeks pertaining to this. This post will be updated if and when that has been published.  Typically, schools organize various activities and events connected to the nutrition month including essay writing, jingle-making, as well as slogan-making contests.

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